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Author Topic: GTX 470 GPU Physical Demensions?  (Read 1910 times)

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GTX 470 GPU Physical Demensions?
« on: 29-January-13, 18:14:36 »

I am thinking about modding my 470's into being water cooled,
I'm not going whole blocks, just the GPU ones, so I kind of need some info,
other wise I need to take my GTX470 apart to just see, I'd perfer not to until I'm ready for the switch.

So anyone have the AxB size of the gf100 gpu?
I did find a post, that was made by some guy before they were released.. so who knows if it's spot on,
but said they were 23mm X 23mm..

thx for anyhelp,
and a link to some tech info if you have it would be great too. :)
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