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Author Topic: GT683 GPU upgrade or fixing.  (Read 7910 times)

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GT683 GPU upgrade or fixing.
« on: 29-April-13, 03:13:24 »


I have a MSi GT683 that i bought some time ago. My GPU is having some problems. From what i read online, i believe that the problem is bad memory.

Can i upgrade the GTX 560m that comes with the pc? If i can, can i change it for a GTX 675m? If not, what is the best gpu that would work?

If i can't upgrade, how can i fix this bad memory problem?

Thanks in advance!


I was looking around and found some info.

I read that a GTX 675 would work if i buy a new heatsink. So i looked around ebay for a GTX 675 and a heatsink and this is what i found:



Should i buy these?

[EDIT 2]

Would a GTX 680m work as well?
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« Reply #1 on: 29-April-13, 12:14:30 »

I looked around a little more and have a new question. Would a  Radeon HD 7970M work as well?

I ask because it benchmarks a little better than the GTX 680m and it costs about $200 less.

But the problem is that  i didnt find a heatsink.


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« Reply #2 on: 29-April-13, 18:50:49 »

Upgrading a notebook gpu is a gamble:
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« Reply #3 on: 29-April-13, 20:58:01 »

In the link you sent me it states that one of the problems is the heatsink. Will the one i linked in my first post solve this problem?

Do you know anyone who tried upgrading the card and failed?


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« Reply #4 on: 30-April-13, 02:12:57 »

The answers to your questions are yes (for the heatsink) and no (if we know of anyone it worked for).

It really is a huge gamble trying to upgrade the GPU in a notebook.

If it were me, I would stick to the same series of card that came with your notebook (NVidia in this case), and I would ensure that you find a card from MSI with the same TDP as your currently (useless/dead) card. This would ensure the highest compatibility and most likely scenario of it working.

Expect it to be costly, no matter how you go, if you want it to work.
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« Reply #5 on: 01-May-13, 20:54:35 »

 Nvidia kepler series gpu (670mx, 675mx, 680m) cards will not work in MSI sandybridge generation notebooks. It has something to do with the vbios. If you install those cards, you will get a no display output. It is because the card thinks the laptop has igpu support and expects that to be doing all the video work from boot. But since the motherboard doesn't support igpu (optimus), it can't utilize the sandybridge gfx core anyways.

The 670m is same as the 580m. It is one of the highest TDP cards, and will generate alot of heat. At a price point of $300 or more, it is not a viable solution. You will also need a heatsink, as the 560m one is not compatible.

I upgraded my 1761 (780dx barebone) to a 7970m card made by clevo. The stock vbios it comes with is for systems with igpu, so it cannot display to screen or hdmi/vga out. But there are dell/clevo vbios that can be flashed to the card to make it work on a system without igpu. I had to use a drill to shave off parts of the 570m heatsink to make it fit onto the 7970m, and had to use alot of thermal pads to fill in gaps between components on the card.

I did this upgrade because the original 570m gpu died and the system was out of warranty. Instead of buying a replacement gpu, I rather spend a few hundred dollars more to double the performance I had before.

There are still some annoying things like the motherboard EC cannot read AMD gpu temperature, so the fan doesn't respond if the gpu gets hot , but the cpu is not hot. So I have to use turbo fan button every time I play an intensive game.

Its best you do alot of research if you try to upgrade your gpu. Best place is to look at the MSI forum at notebook review website. Lots of material and knowledge base there.

The card was $435 + state tax / shipping for brand new. But getting the correct heatsink will be another $100. The GX60 heatsink will work without any modification with the 7970m. With a little ingenuity, I think the 560m heatsink can be adapted to work with the 7970m, just need some planning out, power tools, and thermal pads of various thicknesses.



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« Reply #6 on: 03-May-13, 03:39:07 »

I ordered a GTX 675m and an appropriate heatsink, lets hope it works.

Since im fixing the pc, is there some program that tells me what parts need changing?

The pc is getting a little slow lately. Im thinking about changing the HDD to SSDs. Any thoughts about that?


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« Reply #7 on: 05-June-13, 20:56:47 »

The upgrade worked!!!

I will edit the first post explaining how i did it incase someone else has the same question i had.

Thanks for the help guys!!


I was going to edit the first post but i cant, so i will explain what i did here.


Since my GPU (GTX 560m) was starting to die, and the price of a new card like it was already expensive, i decided to go with a GTX 675m since it was the most powerful nVidia card that would work on my notebook (from what i read).

What you need for the upgrade:

- A GPU that works with your notebook, in this case a GTX 675m
- An APROPRIATE heatsink for your notebook and the card you want to install
- Being comfortable with opening your notebook and changing the card (its easy, but not everyone has the guts to dig in)

For the hardware i went to eBay and found them there. I dont know if this forum has any rules about refering someone on eBay, but i will post the vendors names here because they seem to have a lot of these parts.

GPU: Upgrademonkey -
(I would recomend buying from this one since the card came i a very good packaging, and it was in perfect conditions)

Heatsink: Majstermsi -
(I would recomend this person because he warned me when he saw that i chose and bought the wrong heatsink and helped me choose the right one.)

It is VERY important to buy the right heatsink, unless you want to mod the existing one.

After opening your notebook and changing the card (i will not explain how to do this since there are probably videos on youtube that will explain how to do this much better than i would) the new card might not be detected. If this happens, and it did happen to me, you will need to do a little work.

Go to this site ( and read how to install the driver. (Again, i will not explain because the website does this much better than me)

Last, but not least, ENJOY your new beast!!!!!

It might seem all wonderful but there is a downside, this card get hotter than the old one, so im probably going to mod my notebook to get it to cool it better. I will create a topic when i get there.

Hope i was helpful.

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