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Author Topic: Loving the MSI Z87 MPower as it hits 6Ghz!  (Read 2695 times)

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Loving the MSI Z87 MPower as it hits 6Ghz!
« on: 19-June-13, 20:04:31 »

Previously I made an unboxing of the new Intel 8 series chipset based motherboard which is the “MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming”. The board’s design is intended for the MSI’s Dragon Gaming Segment with a color scheme of Black/Red and with hefty features like the Killer LAN, Audio Boost, Gaming Gold Plated Ports for the mice and keyboard, VGA Boost and many more… Aside from this, MSI has another motherboard segment which is the “Overclocking” and this is what I will share today.

One model under this series is the MSI Z87 MPower. It has the OC certification as it passes the 24 hours Prime 95 test without any airflow on the motherboard to ensure that only the best motherboards can survive. Powered up by 16 Digital Power Phases and the new Military Class 4 Components (inclusion of the new Dark Cap which replaces the regular solid capacitor), will surely make your PC run stable in extreme conditions and high clock frequencies.

More information on the features of the Mpower are enumerated upon flipping the box cover.

Moving on to the actual board. You can notice the thickness of the PCB right away. As MSI describes it is an OC PCB, where 50% more layers are used and tight weaved by fiberglass. Power and signal traces are isolated, resulting in higher efficiency and performance. More features can be installed to each other without any interference from one another.

The layout of the board is clean and organized and the heatsink for the VRM and the Southbridge chip are somehow made of Ceramic. This new design dissipates heat faster and better in extreme cooling environment.

Closer view on the upper area of the motherboard, you will find two 8Pins for powering up your processor. This gives more juice or power current to your processor resulting to stable and higher overclock of d your processor.

There is a big clear space around the CPU socket area so every kind of CPU type of Cooling would fit in. Between the VRM heatsink is a heatpipe which helps dissipates heat faster and MSI designed that half square shape so that the motherboard can be easily insulated for extreme cooling..   

Left to Right. Multi Bios Switch / Debug LED indicator which helps isolating boot up problems and also serve as Processor real-time Temp Monitor / Voltage Check Points to measure actual voltage of processor and other parts as well

The three PCIE lanes are capable of running Tri-Fire or Two Way-SLI. Operation modes will be in x16/x0/x0, x8/x8/x0, x8/x4/x4.  There are also nice gaps in between of video cards slots for better airflow and so that GPU LN2 pots would fit in too.

MSI included an m-SATA port to the board for faster response of your Operating system as well to those software installed.

All the SATA ports are 6GB/s speed in connection. The first two on the left are controlled by the ASMedia while the rest are by Intel Z87 Chipset and capable of AHCI, RAID 0/1/5/10. The last port on the right is USB 3.0 header in L-Shape for better management wiring.

Audio Boost – well MSI made some enhancements on the builtin Realtek ALC1150 audio chip by combining it with a Texas Instruments OP1652 Amplifier. This makes audio output better and ofcourse with the help of the Soundblaster Cinema Program too. By the way, the plate with the label “Audio Boost” is not only for effects but it acts as an RFI shield for the audio part of circuitry. 

You have the same Standard Easy Buttons (Power and Reset) then the Direct OC Button which raises the processor Bclock in real-time, OC Genie for automatic overclock and the latest here is the OC Switch where you have two modes Gear 1 and Gear 2. The higher the Gear is, the higher the multiplier and voltage it applies when OC Genie is pressed.

That’s not all, there is still a little button on the right side of the OC Switch and that is the Go2Bios button. When pressed and upon restarting your computer, you will be taken to the Bios right away without pressing the DEL key in the keyboard.

In between the Clear CMOS Button and the first 2USB 3.0 ports is where the WIFI BGN and Bluetooth 4.0 Intel Based Chipset are connected. WIDI Ready too.

The next 4 USB 3.0 ports are handled by ASMedia and then the yellow Gigabit port is Killer 2205 which you can use to set the priority of your LAN or Online Games. You also have 2 HDMI Ports and 1 Display port for display output and 1 Digital SPDIF for audio and 6 Gold Plated analog ports which are enhanced for best audio listening experience.

Bundled Accessories:
This is why I really like MSI when it comes to their bundled accessories. Complete
•External Antennas for the WiFi and Bluetooth
•WiFi and Bluetooth Module
•V-Check Point Connectors
•SLI Bridge
•6x SATA 6GB/s Connectors
•IO Backplate

•Certificate of Quality and Stability
•Dragon MSI Badge which you can stick on your PC Case
•Overclocking Software DVD
•Driver and Utility Disc
•Door Handle Label

Well I don’t have some screenies of the UEFI Bios of the MPower and the softwares included but basically it is all the same as the Z87-GD65 Gaming motherboard. One exception though is the color scheme instead of the Black/Red its Black/Yellow.

Testing the motherboard, I went overclocking it right away with an Intel i5 4670K. Using LN2 as for the cooling, I end up hitting a 6Ghz overclock with the Z87 MPower. I can say that the board is surely stable and sturdy in high clocks and the power phase can really hold up on their power current. Below is a shot of the Z87 MPower with LN2 Pot on it.

My CPU-Z Validation

That’s it  :)
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Re: Loving the MSI Z87 MPower as it hits 6Ghz!
« Reply #1 on: 20-June-13, 12:42:30 »

The normal users here are either on air with a couple going the H2O way. Any tests done with air to get a realistic reflection of what is doable by the majority of users ?
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Re: Loving the MSI Z87 MPower as it hits 6Ghz!
« Reply #2 on: 20-June-13, 13:06:38 »

The normal users here are either on air with a couple going the H2O way. Any tests done with air to get a realistic reflection of what is doable by the majority of users ?

And with an 'off the shelf' retail non ES CPU?
The Last Hoorah! I Had Retired From All This! Can't Believe I'm Really Doing A Platform Test One More Time!  :shocked:

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