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Author Topic: Install windows 7 in MSI GS70  (Read 3796 times)

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Install windows 7 in MSI GS70
« on: 16-December-13, 21:14:04 »

I have the next problem, I wanted to install windows 7 on my MSI GS70, so I prepared a bootable USB drive with Windows 7 to do it, I formated my partition to install windows 7 and... SURPRISE, it is not possible to install it in a GPT partition. Reading some tutorials I saw that a posible solution was to delete every partition with the "clear" command in partdisk (msdos), but after that I still cannot install my windows 7, and when I updated to windows 8 the recovery system of MSI stopped working as they said in FAQ section... So... What can I do? I really want my windows 7, not 8, is there any way to get W7...? I don´t know what to do...

Thank you


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« Reply #1 on: 16-December-13, 22:47:37 »

I am actually the opposite.  I made a bootable usb with Windows 7 and boot from it.  Make sure to go into bios and use Legacy instead of UEFI.  And I formated all the partition for a clean install of Windows 7 (which has all the recovery disc or whatever on it).  After a while on Windows 7, I kept getting BSOD with the message DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE.  I'm guessing it's the video card's driver.  Anyways I'm abt had it with Windows 7 and wanted to go back to Windows 8 and give Windows 8.1 a shot.  Now I I've trying to install Windows 8 trying to get the keycode and I read everywhere and even got a reply from the forum stating it is in the bios.  I've been messing with it for a week and it seems like I can't get my keycode from bios or I can't get my bootable usb to get the keycode from bios, or the bios been replaced by the Windows 7 keycode.  I created a help ticket for MSI and they're no help.  Gave me an automated email with bunch of links to other crap.  Please help, I wanted to install Windows 8 back onto my laptop.




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« Reply #2 on: 17-December-13, 19:39:11 »

jcheng427:You really need to make a thread with your problem, don't hijack someone elses.

F4lc0n88: Most likely you should stick with Windows 8 on the GS70. A few people have had issues with Windows 7 on the GS70 due to some of the drivers. I would install Windows 8 and get Start8 or something similar, this gives a very similar feeling of using Windows 7.
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« Reply #3 on: 18-December-13, 08:17:58 »

lolz... I didn't mean to hi-jack someone else's topic, i just saw the topic that has the similar problem.  Anyways, I think that is what happened to me.  Falcon88 keep windows 8, after installing windows 7 i get BSOD due to driver issues.


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« Reply #4 on: 18-December-13, 16:47:51 »

The diskpart command doesn't necessarily do away with a GPT, just removes the partitions.  You may need to remove the drive from the laptop and install it on a windows 7 PC and use disk management to create a partition with MBR.  Your windows 7 install, is probably just failing to even recognize there is media there to install on.  You could probably do this if you have a USB to sata adapter without having to actually open a PC case.

Google may be you friend, I was reading up on this awhile back.
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