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Author Topic: PCI IDE BusMaster  (Read 2808 times)

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evil ryu

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PCI IDE BusMaster
« on: 08-July-03, 01:22:50 »

In the MSI 875P Neo there is an option in the bios called "PCI IDE BusMaster". What does this option mean?  ?(
Have I to enable or disable it?



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« Reply #1 on: 08-July-03, 01:31:58 »
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  • Allows a PCI device to preform as PCI BUS master

    Now, what that means I don't really know, but it's supposed to offload the CPU during i/o operations as far as I know.

    Should be enabled.

    evil ryu

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    « Reply #2 on: 08-July-03, 09:58:42 »

    Any other opinion or explanation?


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    « Reply #3 on: 08-July-03, 12:32:31 »

    PCI Bus Mastering allows a (PCI) device to send data whenever the bus is not used, when Bus Mastering is not enabled the CPU has to control all datatransfers by IRQ polling.

    Try a search on or, you'd be suprised on how easy it is to find info.

    To get you started :

    Found with google
    Found  with

    For the second link, it's a usenet archive so the hardware discussed here can be outdated.


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    « Reply #4 on: 08-July-03, 13:40:53 »

    Hi ppl,,
         Ill tell you what enabling the pci busmaster did for me. When I got this 875p motherboard I noticed that when I back up my partition using driveimage 2002 the transfer rate had dropped from 300mb per min to 112mb per min, hmm ..

    But after looking through the bios I thought why not enable the pci busmastering as I couldnt remember if it was enabled in my other machine by default, however after enabling it the mb per min went up to 814mb per min  :D

    So I think ill leave it there lol


    evil ryu

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    « Reply #5 on: 08-July-03, 14:56:14 »

    Thanks to everyone :))
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