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Author Topic: MSI W20 3M – Business & Entertainment at the same time  (Read 6811 times)

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Hundreds of tablet models are now available in the consumer market, make people so confused which will be the best choice for them. Today I would like to introduce the newest tablet from msi, the 11.6-inch W20 3M tablet.▼

It carried Win8 operating system, it’s very suitable for commercial usage like presentation to customer, at the same time the application compatibility is just like the other tablets as well. ▼

My friend Fish who’s a sales person just bought msi w20 3M as her daily working assistant, so I’ll ask her to be the model and introduce the w20 functions step by step.

First let’s glance the a-side of w20. It’s designed by black elegant appearance looks with metal hair brush on it.▼

Comparing the thickness with iPhone: it’s almost exactly the same thick because the edge of W20 used the arc shape design makes the visual thinner than the iPhone. ▼

The edges of w20 did have some special design, so it’s quite easy for a girl like me hold it with one hand easily. ▼

Especially the both side of the screen is widened, when you use both hands to hold it for reading, fingers wont touched the screen to active any function, it’s a very sweet design.▼

According to the official profile, W20 3M weight just 688g, it’s really light! ▼

The next part will introduce the functions and performance.

Showtime!, ready to test the performance of W20, press the Power button.
Let's take a look at its boot speed, the SSD is indeed better and faster than other brand’s tablets equipped with eMMC, read speed is 3.5 times faster.

Then the actual test, Stopwatch clicked and W20 took 8 seconds to complete the boot sequence. However, the boot speed is really fast, too late to press the pause button, the result then jump to 9 seconds.▼


At the back side of W20, equip with fingerprint sensor, you can just slide fingers to activate the operating system, it’s a really great feature to protect my personal files if I accidently lost the tablet on the way to office. (Finger sliding direction ---> )▼

In fact, there’s two ways to enter the operating system. First one is the traditional way, enter the personal password; the second way is through fingerprint sensor, according to personal habits. ▼

Compared to traditional passwords, fingerprint security mechanism is more secure and convenient, because each person's fingerprint is unique. At the same time fingerprint is more practical since it is faster to scan a fingerprint than to enter a password.

Again turns to hardware specifications, W20 is equipped with dual-core AMD A4-1200 APU processor, APU processor is the most powerful place onboard VGA, you can run dynamic 3D games, graphics performance is generally flat 5 times.

Through the manipulation of external joystick, game smoothness is really good to see our family Xiao-yu play so vigorously.▼


If you are worried about the extension of W20’s, Keyboard and mouse can be connected via an external USB to link with the other USB devices.▼

Wide Viewing Angle with IPS panel, the viewing angle is up to 170 degrees, using it to watch movies is really clear vivid color.

90 degrees▼

130 degrees▼

170 degrees▼

The W20 comes with a 11.6” panel, which equals a 12 inches untra notebook, but thinner and easier to carry. With Windows 8, W20 is more suitable for business and entertainment proposes.

Let’s take a look video, since it has IPS screen panel, no matter which angle you look at it, the image is clear as crystal! ▼

Presentation with customers.▼

Do reports with external keyboard and mouse.▼

Notepad function.▼

Monitor for stock trends.▼

Using Google Map for directions is very clear. ▼

Video Conference. ▼

Check e-mails on the way for presentation. ▼

Makeup using the front camera.▼

There are many commercial uses, such as life applications and entertainment; usually one stop shopping, W20 can meet up all your needs.

But in order to reach the needs, we need connected to a wireless network first. Here I want to introduce Wi-Fi capability: it’s by far the farthest transmission distance I’ve ever seen. According to the official data that under no obstructions circumstances, Wi-Fi reception range can go up to 100 meter.

This is how we test the Wi-Fi capacity: we use one iPhone and W20 to link to the same Wi-Fi spot. In front of the store, both iPhone and W20 both set full bar of the test. (Hinet 20 is the free Wi-Fi AP in the shop.)▼

Then extended for 20 meters, the iPhone signal is weaken.▼

Then 30 meters, only one signal bar for iPhone, but the W20 remains unshakable.▼

It’s amazing for furthest 50 meters and W20 Wi-Fi with full grid, the iPhone cant reach the AP signal anymore. ▼

It verified the W20 really have it tough future, give it a good little nickname, called "courageous persistence small steel gun"!

Finally I’ll introduce the 10-point touch function. This feature is more extensive functionality in fact; suitable for use in a virtual instrument, can simultaneously struck ten scale, the software flexibility is quite good. ▼

Fish played the piano well, so I asked her to play some great melody for me. ▼

As above is introduction of MSI W20 and thank you to spend your time to read our unboxing.


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Interested in purchasing a msi w20 3m
« Reply #1 on: 02-October-13, 15:42:59 »

Where did your friend purchase this from? I would like to get one as well. Unfortunately I have not yet found an online retailer to get this item from. Your assistance with helping me find one to purchase will be greatly appreciated.


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MSI W20 3M – Business & Entertainment at the same time
« Reply #2 on: 06-October-13, 18:38:17 »

Awsome tablet and lady!

Work in Computer Industry
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GT75VR GTX1080 as home entertainment
PS4 to play NBA2K, MLB The Show & NFS racing games with 27" DELL 4K Display
Love to play FPS games, racing games and NBA/MLB games
Steelseries 6GV2 keyboard and CORSAIR M65 FPS mouse
Dynaudio MC15 sound system in living room
Edifier C3 2.1 channel sound system in computer room


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« Reply #3 on: 03-December-13, 19:48:14 »

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