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Author Topic: choice of CD-R (CDRW) media  (Read 2008 times)

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choice of CD-R (CDRW) media
« on: 18-August-02, 00:08:07 »

Wonder should this be posted under "All under the sun" or here...

I wish to compile a list of CD-R media to use, their respective brand, Type (grade), vendor, rated speed, and maximum burn speed (with no error), and overburn size. (I'm using Feurio! to read CD-R's ATIP info)

Here I go:

Imation 16x, Type A, CMC, 16x, 48x, 724MB.
CopyCat 24x, Type B, NAN-YA, 24x, 40x, 730MB.
Duraplus 24x, Type C, Prodisc, 24x, 40x, 724MB.
Melody 40x (black), Type A, CMC, 40x, 48x, 724MB.
Mitsubishi 4x, Type A, Mitsubishi, 4x, ???, ???MB.

Can see that Type A media can burn upto 48x speed (that's the max the drive can burn... so it can go even higher .. who knows), while Type B and Type C can only burn at 40x max.

Just for sharing. How 'bout your find outs?
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