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Author Topic: MSI GT70 dominator pro 890 For workstation  (Read 1700 times)

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MSI GT70 dominator pro 890 For workstation
« on: 14-July-14, 20:57:14 »

Ive posted this on the 'gaming' section, but figured this thread might actually be better.

Wanted to know if my laptop was good for rendering, if there were any tips or tricks for using my laptop for video editing, or any tips or tricks for using vegas pro 13 in general. Newbie to this program, normally use cyberlink powerdirector 12.

 MSI GT70 Dominator Pro 890
 i7 4810mq (4900)
 32gb ram
 3x 480gb crucial m500 msata (non raid - 1 OS - 1 media source - 1 scratch disk)
 1tb Samsung evo 840 2.5" (partitioned 50/50 split - 1 Media export - 1 Regular data)
 Gtx 880m 8gb gddr5
 bluray burner
 Thermal paste was repasted with antech diamond 7
 normal 17" tn 1080p panel

Question of the rendering process. If I have gpu accelerated turned on in normal preferences, but render using cpu only in the actual final render as options screen,, my 15 min movie takes about 22 min. Temps skyrocket cpu wise for first 5 seconds then calm to 90c (80c with turbo fan), gpu gets to 70c (60c with turbo fan). CPU is around 80% resourced, gpu core max, memory clock max, gpu load 15%.

 But if I have same gpu acceleration on main preferences, and change to gpu rendering only under the actual final rendering as options, it takes 28 min, cpu is at 68% (80c max fan), gpu core and memory max, gpu load up from 15% to 30%, memory controller up from 3% to 11% (65c temps).

 So what I see is that gpu rendering preferred options but render cpu only, uses some gpu but more cpu, and gives faster results, than total gpu rendering with more gpu power and less cpu.

 Shouldn't gpu rendering be far quicker than cpu? I know my cpu is good, but thought that the 880m would definitely beat it out in rendering.


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MSI GT70 dominator pro 890 For workstation
« Reply #1 on: 17-July-14, 21:12:11 »

MSI also provides workstation based on Quadro GPU, which will be more suitable and powerful for Redering.
Can check product info on the link
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