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Author Topic: FW: (forward)WS60 2OJ user feedback  (Read 1632 times)

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FW: (forward)WS60 2OJ user feedback
« on: 11-September-14, 06:23:16 »

The user bought WS60 2OJ,and shared feedback.

– I use, primarily, Lightroom and Photoshop for still editing (with a few others such as PTGUI and PortraitPro less often) and the Sony Creative Software suite (Vegas, Sound Forge, etc + a few plugins like the aforementioned TiterPro) for video. Everything runs like a dream.

I've still not seen anything on the market that comes close to the specs (and now that I've used it for a couple of weeks, the real world performance) of the machine – and it's sooooo light and mobile.

In short I'd give it a good 99/100 :) And definitely worth the $ I dropped on it.

More detail-------



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(forward)Concerned WS60 2OJ thoughts
« Reply #1 on: 17-September-14, 21:16:04 »

Positive feedback, is possible to see some more such sharing ? :) thx


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(forward)Concerned WS60 2OJ thoughts
« Reply #2 on: 26-September-14, 04:28:21 »

I am using WS60, I like the keyboard very much, it is very solid, and the backlight, SSE are all good. Another very useful function is Super Raid, since it helps me to open big files that I am working on very fast.
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