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Author Topic: WS60 Design Concept  (Read 1443 times)

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WS60 Design Concept
« on: 14-October-14, 00:59:20 »

In addition to seeking breakthroughs in gaming laptops, MSI decided to leverage our expertise to step into the realm of mobile workstations. We discovered that current workstations cannot satisfy the needs for professional designers in terms of combining mobility, desktop-level performance, and stability. MSI has recently launched a solution, a slim-type professional mobile workstation with professional graphics - WS60, and let’s see how this beautiful system was designed.
WS60 has slim body, sharp lining, and metallic covers with hairline texture to show professionalism. After numerous revisions and modifications, MSI presents a mobile workstation that is perfect for any business occasions.

How WS60 was inspired?

With close to 30 years of design experience, MSI joined the realm of workstations with strong ambitions and concrete steps. We studied designers and engineers’ user behaviors, and built our products around our customers’ needs. We do not set limits and we do not compromise. Product managers surveyed and visited customers face-to-face, one-by-one, using the most direct method to interact with our users, listened to their feedbacks, and incorporated feedbacks into our products. Our goal is to combine feasibility and needs to design a product that can truly satisfy our users. WS60 was designed with the following 3 principles in mind:
1.       Professionalism: slim, light and perfect for all business occasions
2.       Stability & Reliability: machine stores every users’ hard works, so the system much be stable
3.       Efficiency: provides high performance allow users to work smoothly and efficiently  
WS60 was clearly defined as a mobile workstation high performance, mobility, stability, and shows professionalism. While designing, MSI listened to professional designers’ feedbacks on how inconvenient past workstations were, and set explicit goals to optimize and improve these weaknesses.

We heard how professional designers are bothered by compatibility issues regarding workstations and professional software application. Thus, we obtained ISV certifications from AutoCad & Solidworks, to allow performance, compatibility, and stability to be combined together to solve users’ concerns.
We heard designers require high resolution, and thus, in addition to FHD, WS60 also offers 4K solutions to provide more detailed visual effects. It also supports HDMI, miniDisplay, multi-screen displays, allowing users to achieve higher work efficiency. In terms of inputs, MSI works with LV from the keyboard world – SteelSeries, to provide full-color backlit keyboard, with strong rebounds and large-size touchpad.

Workstation users tend to move large files, so in order to save valuable time for users, WS60 comes with Intel’s latest Thunderbolt 2.0 technology, providing a data transfer rate that is 2X faster than Thunderbolt 1.0 up to 20Gb/s, and  more than 4 times faster compared to USB 3.0. Users can backup and transfer data using high-speed transfer, and also use Daisy-Chain connection to connect multiple devices through Thunderbolt. In addition to the stunning transfer speed, MSI also provides exclusive Super RAID technology, composed of 2 SSDs forming RAID 0 structure, allowing reading/writing speed to achieve 1000MB/s. In addition, there is also a 1TB of 7200rmp Hard Drive, allowing users to have enough capacity to create and store. For professionals who often work with multimedia & CAD/CAM, WS60 provides solutions for high work efficiency and stability.

We heard that professional designers would like to combine mobility with efficiency, and thus we set our WS60 to be only 19.9mm thick & 1.9KGs . In this slim body, we installed high-end professional-level graphic card - nVidia Quadro K2100M, with 2GB GDDR5 and supports over 150 professional software applications, ranging from production, multi-media, science, and energy, suitable for various professional 3D applications. We believe WS60 will be your best working partner in any business occasions, meetings, or trips. You can experience how lightweight design can improve mobility and make your life much more convenient.

An issue that we heard professional designers might encounter is computers might shut down accidentally due to overheating, causing works that they spent long time building to be lost. To solve this issue, the design team has installed dual bronze pipes connecting both GPU and CPU, 4 venting airways, allowing heat to be dissipated quickly. With all the excellent components described above, MSI is confident that users will love WS60 after using it.

GeForce graphic cards often use 3D mark as benchmark for performance, but professional graphic card – Quadro series work differently. Therefore, Quadro graphics need to be evaluated by graphic rendering benchmark applications, such as SpecviewPerf 11.

Exclusive Thermal Solution
Dual fans and 4 airways out allow WS60 to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently, so the system can stay cool and stable. As tested below, under the same condition, MSI WS60’s temperature is 7 degrees Celsius lower than other systems which is the main reason to make WS60 is more stable & reliable ,

The workstation logo is designed to show professionalism in design. The background symbolizes CAD/CAM & M&E applications, green light symbolizes “M”and “W”, which represents “Mobile Workstation”. We are proud to say that WS60’s inner and outer designs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor business occasions.

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