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Author Topic: Need Ryzen 1800x oc guide please  (Read 722 times)

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Need Ryzen 1800x oc guide please
« on: 28-October-18, 09:59:21 »

Hi everyone, I tried to oc a little bit my system without actually getting something really stable

My rig is :

Mobo : MSI x370 Titanium
CPU : Ryzen 1800x
Ram : HOF 16gb 4000Mhz

I achieved 3.9Ghz on the cpu and 3200Mhz on rams but i belive its not really stable since i can see that in game sometimes it stutter

Is possible to actually achieve 4Ghz on rams with this mobo anyway?


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Re: Need Ryzen 1800x oc guide please
« Reply #1 on: 28-October-18, 10:20:29 »


Getting 4000MHz on RAM heavily depends on CPU itself. When professional overclockers aim for high RAM frequencies, they bin CPUs as well to find which one can take more stress.
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Re: Need Ryzen 1800x oc guide please
« Reply #2 on: 28-October-18, 12:48:36 »

The most I've generally seen from users is anywhere from 2933 MHz to a few got 3600 MHz. And by a few, I mean 2 or 3 users out of all of them that come here.

4000 MHz? Possible....but highly unlikely. I'd wager 3200 MHz is probably pretty possible, but much higher than that is unlikely.

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Re: Need Ryzen 1800x oc guide please
« Reply #3 on: 06-November-18, 23:59:05 »

Stuttering may not be due to overclocking. Look up high precision event timer, HPET. There may be other issues causing it. Google is your friend.

To find out if it's stable, Install HWiNFO, Prime95, and OCCT.

Run Prime95 torture test, small fft. This will test the processor overclock. You'll want to run it overnight, 8 hours, preferably.  But watch the temp of tdie in HWiNFO. If you start hitting 78c, stop and try turning down Vcore in bios. A stable system that's running too hot is not good either. Run OCCT in small data set mode to test RAM stability, or Prime95 Blend torture test. Both are fairly sufficient.

You may have to play with LLC modes in BIOS to help prevent voltage droop during processor load as well. For example, I run 3.9 stable on a 1700x at 1.2375Vcore, LLC mode 1.

Here's a link to help with good system stability, and temperature, stress testing -,5461.html

Watch tdie temp specifically. It should be about the same as in Ryzen Master. Tdie in HWiNFO is the actual core temp.

I can't go any higher due to instability with lower Vcore, or high temps due to raising Vcore to have stability. I'm looking into a new heatsink actually, a Noctua NH-U14S or Reeven Ouranos. hopefully.
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