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Author Topic: GT683 DXR and SCM  (Read 1363 times)

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GT683 DXR and SCM
« on: 14-March-15, 03:02:54 »

My 683 is upgraded to Windows 8.1. The EC firmware is v4.26 I think, definitely v4xx anyway. I also upgraded to the latest available Bios.
There are two system control manager utilities available on the downloads page for this laptop. One is specifically for when the laptop was upgraded to Windows 8 as opposed to factory supplied.

My problem is that this doesn't install (upgrade) into the same folder. The original one is in a folder called 'system control manager' whilst the new upgrade wants to install into a new folder called 'SCM'.
When this is done both system control managers are running at the same time, you get two icons for them in the taskbar and when you switch things on and off you get the old graphics for the different functions pop up on screen along with the new ones and even though all the buttons are working, things just don't seem right. For example when switching on cinema control on the P1 button, it lights up and the CP2 icon pops up on screen but the contrast ect doesn't seem to change.

This is wrong, surely? Shouldn't there just be the one control manager on the computer. I would have though that as an 'upgrade' it would install into the same original folder.

I have tried uninstalling the old one then installing the new one. Tried installing the new one followed by removing the old one. Neither method works, SCM doesn't work at all if I do this. I have also attempted to change the installation folder when applying the update and installing it instead into the original folder and overwriting the files. This method also fails to allow the SCM to work.
Something doesn't seem right here. Surely it should only have the one control manager installed.

Getting rather frustrated with it now. Does anyone know exactly which SCM I should use and how to install it?

P.S. - Just something else, I tried installing S-Bar instead of SCM as I found it elsewhere to download and it wasn't very specific about which MSI laptop to use with. That appears to work, all the buttons are working etc. My only concern is that it is listed for download with newer/different model laptops than the GT683 and therefore I am not sure I should be using it. What do other people think?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: GT683 DXR and SCM
« Reply #1 on: 18-March-15, 03:46:00 »

What's your original OS version? (Win7 or Win8?)
Tell the original SCM version you have and which two versions do you have both installed on the system after the upgrade?

I'd suggest to uninstall the SCM before the system upgrade, and then install the latest SCM version from MSI website.
PS: If the S-Bar can work without problem, I'd just stick with it since it basically can do everything SCM does.

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