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Author Topic: MSI X99 Motherboard Windows 10 Drivers  (Read 14924 times)

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Thanks for posting!
Until MSI puts Windows 10 optimized drivers up to their product sites, I will stick this topic so anyone else can see what to look for until MSI does their stuff. :biggthumbsup:

New to the forum and thought I'd post this to help anyone else out who is like me and still waiting on MSI X99 motherboard drivers for Windows 10 x64. Aside from the proprietary MSI software, all drivers are actually available at this point or integrated into the release driver set for Windows 10; here is the list of the basic drivers needed to get an X99 machine up and running until MSI posts the approved driver links. I'm running the MSI X99A SLI KRAIT Edition board, but this driver set should apply to just about any X99 chipset motherboard, except for possibly the networking and/or audio. Hope this helps!

Intel's website, go to Download Center, search for the following, then select Windows 10 as the OS:
Intel Chipset Device Software (v10.1.1.8 for NUC boards)
Intel Rapid Storage Technology (v14.5.0.1081)
Intel I210 (v20.2 for Intel network cards onboard)
Intel Management Engine (v11.0.0.1158 driver for NUC boards)
Intel SSD 750 (for those running NVME drives: v1.2.0.1002, plus SSD toolbox v3.3.0)

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver:
This was the tricky one; Windows 10 comes with one that does work, while Realtek's website has a slightly newer version; I had the best luck however with revision 7560, which I pulled from ASRock's site; go there, and search for their X99 WS-E motherboard; the driver is the top option.

For nVidia cards, i downloaded and installed the GeForce Experience app, but not the driver, and disabled auto driver updates. Running with the Windows update driver for now until the dust settles; so far, no issues.

For the rest, including the VIA and ASMedia USB controllers, so far the Microsoft ones have been good; neither chipset vendor has drivers posted at this point.

MSI Utilities:
Command Center v1.0.0.97
Installs and runs fine, though I haven't tried overclocking with it. Fan profiling works, mobile control enabled though the iPhone app constantly crashes on connect. Can't enable SoftAP management.

ECO Center v1.0.0.35
Installs and runs (though I'm not sure what this app is really good for)

Smart Utilities v2.0.0.11
Installs, but errors out on invalid RAID driver version.

Hope this helps!



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Good information to have, for sure!

Thanks for posting!
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The drivers are out now!! I just thought i would put it out there.. 

Though i would love to have bios update since im having this problem


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useful one, should spread to all users!


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thanks, very useful. please keep sharing to us in the future~


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  • Na's All Right

I just upgraded the window 10 OS. nice feature matched nice hardware. thanks for sharing and maintain it for us.


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Re: MSI X99 Motherboard Windows 10 Drivers
« Reply #6 on: 08-July-16, 08:15:32 »


Thanks, Very helpful!!

Also if your Board does not Recognize your HDD, go to Right Click Start> RUN> CMD> DISKPART> LIST DISK > If you don't see it listed and no drive is Drive "0" then either Select Disk (X)[ENTER] or Select Disk 0 > List Volume > and/or List Part > if it states none on this drive, you are missing your partitions, no driver will solve that problem, you have to carefully read and rebuild Partitions and/or Volumes.  
--Uncle John
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Re: MSI X99 Motherboard Windows 10 Drivers
« Reply #7 on: 17-August-17, 18:31:50 »

I have the X99A SLI KRAIT Edition as well and just happened to be working on updating my drivers this week. It's a Windows 10 Pro machine with UEFI enabled. 

The Intel Rapid Storage Technology system was giving me problems, so I went a different route. I read that you don't really need iRST as long as you have updated drivers. 

So I made sure I had the Latest Chipset INF's installed (Version:

Then I got the ASMedia_xHCI_Host_Controller_Driver_v1.16.47.2 driver from their July 12th release and installed it.

Next I got the Intel(R) C610 series/X99 chipset USB Enhanced Host Controller #2 - 8D2D driver (Version from a Microsoft Site Search and installed it as well.

The steps here are...
  • Unpack the .cab file (I like to rename the file to something a little shorter before unpacking). WinRar works great for the job.
  • Open your device manager and find the Intel Enhanced Host Controller.
  • Update the driver by browsing to the folder you unpacked the drivers into and select the WellsburgUSB inf.
  • Do the same thing for the other Intel controller. It will install the correct 8D26 and 8D2D versions for each device.

Lastly, I acquired and installed the VIA_XHCI_Driver_V4.40E_AP drivers from the VIA site.

I have a NVMe SSD that my boot system sits on, and then I have 4 identical Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 3TB drives that are treated as a single drive, as I am running Stablebit DrivePool on them. I made sure to plug all 4 of the Hitachis into ports 7-10 on the board, otherwise, they get split up between different controllers. Since I don't have them in a RAID,  I used the non-RAID ports.

Don't ask how I tracked down all of the drivers. It took a lot of trial and error.
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