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Author Topic: GS60 Ghost Pro 2PE -120hz!  (Read 2369 times)

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Vox EminorTopic starter

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weeks ago i did an unboxing video of the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 2PE gaming series ultrabook which naturally raised a simple question with me. Its something i mentioned when i posted the unboxing here so heres the update on how i got on xD

Well after a little research (ok alot of wasted research it proved to be quite simple indeed! I had spent ages digging around the interwebs looking for a mini displayport to DVI-D converter and found an ACCEL one that was listed to do the job but it was $169 so i was about to give up on the idea. Then Gomez from Vox made the simple observation that i had an XL2420T which has a display port input on it... after a little facepalming after spending AGES looking for adapters i really quickly found the cable on Ubercable:

Thats all it took! a $20 cable from Ubercable i just plugged it in turned my XL2420T off, it detected the change of input and up came the display. Naturally it started at 120hz so i just went into the resolution settings, clicked advanced and then flicked to the monitor tab and changed it to 120hz and sure enough the screen reset and there she was in all her glory.

Yes thats the intel HD4600 adapter but that is fine as the Nvidia GTX870M in the GS60 kicks in during gaming so just to make sure it was set correctly i also checked in the Intel HD Graphics manager and sure enough 120hz there too.

Next up just to make sure, and as you and many other gamers who have played FPS games on 120hz its not even remotely hard to tell if your graphics are running at 60hz or 120hz its just really really easy to tell visually because of how smooth it is. Hell it even makes your eyes go a bit funny for a minute when you switch it up to 120hz after looking at 60hz for a while. So i launched CS with 120hz set in the startup parameters and off i went, i was a little concerned i might get some graphics distortion of maybe some flickering bands? But in essence you are running a direct cable link not using any kind of active/passive adapter so its really no different than plugging a DVI-D into your pc. So there you have it after all those questions about whether you can easily and cheaply take your MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 2PE laptop home and plug it into your monitor and game at 120hz it has proven to be remarkably cheap and easy!


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GS60 Ghost Pro 2PE -120hz!
« Reply #1 on: 27-June-14, 01:19:19 »

i have to say, it's really an amazing function especially for working, i can take multi tasks at the same time.


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Re: GS60 Ghost Pro 2PE -120hz!
« Reply #2 on: 14-August-15, 02:26:58 »

I have been researching for problem for like a month until today I found this topic.

Thank you very very much for posting this!
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