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Author Topic: WS6020J and the WT7220L for 3DHighPolygon workflows [My other post it's bugged]  (Read 913 times)

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Sorry my other post it's bugged and I can't remove it. Can some moderator delete it?

Well, I am a 3D and 2D artist oriented to the vidoegame industry. I am looking to buy a workstation whith the power to cover my needs.  I really don't want to buy one of them and then find out that I can't work properly with my workstation.

In my day to day job I will handle High Poly (millions of Poligons) meshes from Zbrush and 3DMax and I need to move and preview them normally. I really don't know if these kind of workstation can handle that kind of 3D models.

I dont' know if the WS60-16GB model will be able to handle that kind of workflow or maybe it's ok and I don't need the WT72-32GB . What do you think?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I attach an example of the sculpts I will manage (I don't upload the grid view because there are so much polygons that it will imposible to se anything). I hope that you can get the idea about what kind of models I will manage. 



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I'm not a professional architect, but according to the system requirement searched from website…
zbrush -
3ds Max -

Although ZBrush has a low system requirement, 3ds Max require much higher than ZBrush, so I think WT72 2OL is the better choice,
*Quote: "ZBrush is software rendered, meaning that ZBrush itself is doing the rendering rather than the GPU. Your choice of GPU will not matter so long as it supports the recommended monitor resolution."
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