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Author Topic: MSI GE62 2QE Apache 4K - Wireless AC-3160 Latency Issues cause system issues  (Read 1586 times)

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deNijsTopic starter

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Hello everyone

I have a MSI GE62 2QE, had nothing but trouble from the start
and I think I finally found out why.

This laptop as the intel AC-3160 wireless adapter, and this causes a huge load on the NDIS.sys driver, casuing too high Latency which causes audio drops/frame rate drops and more issues.

Here's the proof via LatencyMon: 

full resolution:
Process direct screenshot :

I've tried everything: older drivers, latest drivers, Windows 7 drivers, windows 8 drivers, and of course the drivers on the support website,
all of them cause THIS issue. 

There is no setting that can change this and influences it, all is on default, I've been searching all night for a solution and tried everything, but all without succes.
The only 'solution' is disabling the wireless adapter, which of course cannot be since it's a laptop, and that is where I use this 1800 dollar machine for.

Does anyone have any tips, hints, tricks?
I need to fix this desperatly, my laptop has malfunctioned from the start.

Kindest regards


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What's your BIOS & EC versions?
Did you update them to the latest ones?
Are you using Haswell model or Broadwell model?
I've heard that some users got the same issue on WS60 when booting up into the Windows 7.
The welcome audio also distorted and delayed.
Looks like the same issue.
Have installed Help Desk inside your system? Find it on Utility webpage of your product website.
Use it to export your system info and share with others so that everyone can help you more quickly and precisely:biggthumbsup:
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