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Author Topic: Custom BIOS for MS-1761  (Read 2089 times)

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Custom BIOS for MS-1761
« on: 16-October-15, 04:15:33 »

Hi Svet,
I have just donated and would like your help to get my GPU upgrade finished with a custom BIOS.
I have an MS-1761 laptop (from XoticPC and they call it FORCE 1761, i7-2630QM SandyBridge), in which the GPU died so I need to replace it. I saw GTX 970Ms are working in this model but since I have a different base BIOS (courtesy of XoticPC) I need something custom.

Here are the current details:

BIOS: E1761IG6 ver.3.06
EC: 1761EG61 ver.4.04

Now I got the latest BIOS sent XoticPC have for this model:

But they can't even guarantee the 970M would work in it with this BIOS.
I want to do the same upgrade as it is in this thread ( but they are talking about IMS BIOS versions (as in E16F3IMS.50X and such) and mine is IG6 I might need something different.

I am hoping you can help to make a custom BIOS for my laptop that would get this new GPU to work.

Can you help me with this please? Do you need any other information?



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Re: Custom BIOS for MS-1761
« Reply #1 on: 16-October-15, 05:18:09 »


Check PM for queries.
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