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Author Topic: MSI GTX970 4G Review  (Read 968 times)

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MSI GTX970 4G Review
« on: 18-November-15, 02:29:03 »

Lets start from the box. The gpu comes very nicely packed and i believe it can easily survive the delivery. Inside the box you are greeted with another box with some guides etc and what i found very useful a dvi to vga converter. For the price i would have appreciated some other accessories like an MSI dragon keyring for example.
The gpu looks amazing but again for the price a backplate MUST have been included. The gpu it self is very powerful providing one of the best gaming experience i have ever witnessed. The fan design looks awesome and performs very nicely especially with the already loaded profiles! (the fans do not spin until the gpu reaches a specific temperature which makes it very silent) It runs very silently but when i game the fans can be barely heard (as you would expect with any type or brand OF GPU) but with all the ambient noise and from the game volume i didn't find them disrupting at all. Also there are some other versions of this gpu from other companies with higher overclock( clock speed) but i believe the msi one looks way too much better and runs more quietly. One HUGE drawback is the colour, currently it is only available in red (and green if you get the anniversary edition) i was building a red themed built so i didn't have any problem but other people might have. Also we are entering the RGB world and a fully customisable RGB LED would have been appreciated! Note that the white LED animation can be changed threw the gaming app! The performance is what you would expect from a GTX 970, for example i can run CS:GO in 4K and downscale it to 1080p for my monitor and still have around 130 fps (the downscale can be achieved through the Nvidia GeForce experience app. The display outputs of the gpu are very pleasing featuring a dvi-i, dvi-d, HDMI and displayport! Also the gpu support SLI, this is very helpful because in the future (around 3 years from now) where this gpu won't be able to run the new games at such high performance i could just get another one and set them to sli to max my pc performance once again :)
The gaming app can have many improvements such as the performance control, but in general a very welcome feature.

Overall very pleased!
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