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Author Topic: Need help. MSI GL62 6QF (new laptop) screen flickering.  (Read 3622 times)

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Good day,

Recently I've bought a new MSI laptop (GL62 6QF), installed all new drivers (using Windows 10 Pro) and decided to test out some games.
I've launched Assassin's Creed 3 on medium settings (fairly easy for 960M) and fps were fine, but the whole screen was twitching, moving and flickering. 
I can't tell if its drivers (BIOS) problem or hardware. Need help. Anyone else had this problem? :nooo:


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Re: Need help. MSI GL62 6QF (new laptop) screen flickering.
« Reply #1 on: 26-December-16, 20:42:44 »

You could use [DDU] to remove the Nvidia driver and reinstall 359.00 from following MSI website.

Besides, maybe you could export the whole system information by latest Help Desk and post that info in here. Let forum guys to help you to check the system configuration and software environment


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Re: Need help. MSI GL62 6QF (new laptop) screen flickering.
« Reply #2 on: 27-December-16, 08:40:10 »

was it only Asssasin's creed ? 

Source :

"when u put the settings on high
does it look like this?
bcoz if it does, then there is no problem with your graphics card.
it is perfectly fine, and no need to worry.
if the game aint good enough to look at, then THAT is just a problem u have with developers!!
and assassins creed is not gpu intensive either! and it is not exactly known for its graphics"

Source :

I noticed that if you enable "Force alternate frame rendering 2" the flickering goes away. So for now, I guess I'll be leaving it on that setting. At least till there is a better SLI profile pushed.

Me: update all your driver AFTER all windows update . verify from MSI support driver page. i did keep the MSI driver in that past for older game . now that i'm playing new game , i use GEforce experience to update them .
MSI GS70 Stealth i7 4720HQ 12 G /750 GB/ 128 GB SSD



Make me best solution ! 

Hooah !
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