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Author Topic: XMP issue with Z170Z Gaming 7, and F4-2800C15D-16GTZB Trident Z  (Read 1204 times)

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bawhitneyTopic starter

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F4-2800C15D-16GTZB (2x8, currently at 2133)

I cannot seem to simply turn on XMP and have the system run at the rated 2800.  I get the blue screen shortly after booting.  I am new to this area so apologies for 'dumb' questions.  I am at the latest 1.8 BIOS. (I even tried going back to 1.7 as a test - still the issue)  Could XMP not running smoothly be the BIOS?  if yes, (and here is my new-ness) could I set XMP, then tweak timing/voltage? or should it all be manually?  Again, I have not done either and I am a bit unclear what to actually do, or try.  I see so many settings involved.  I could not really find a good Memory Timings for Dummies site/post.

Side note - I have MemTest86 this to death lately and all pass on the stock SPD 2133.

So can the BIOS be the culprit?  Has anyone heard this before? and guidance?



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What version of the BIOS do you currently have?
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bawhitneyTopic starter

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It is 1.8, the latest on one of the 2 MSI sites.   Interesting it is not on both...  Assuming it is an over site.


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It is on both MSI and G.Skil lists as compatible with the board.
These modules added recently they were not there when the board came out.
I suggest you contact MSI and G.Skill and ask them which BIOS they were tested with.
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You should be using your RAM modules in DIMM slots 2 and 4?  Is this correct for you?
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