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Author Topic: Advice on purchasing a new MSI laptop  (Read 1212 times)

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Advice on purchasing a new MSI laptop
« on: 17-December-15, 06:54:52 »


At the moment I'm having internship at a media production company. I'm almost done here and as a big thank you, I may choose a mobile wokrstation.

I am interested in a WT or WS workstation since it's being said as the ideal laptops to work with 3d projects/CAD/ game development. After my internship I wish to study game development & design.

So therefore I might choose for an MSI WT or WS laptop, but browsing the site gets complicated, I have no idea what the difference is between the WT and the WS series, where do they differ in? Is there no place I can see what components are installed in these laptops?

I'd very much like to know about these machines, but the site doesn't give me any knowlegde so that's why I'm here. 

So whats the difference between the WT and the WS? Which line has Gefore, Quadro, Firepro, or R series?

Any advice is appreciated, so thanks in advance!

Ps: in not interested in gaming, I'm in need of more production laptops suited to deal with heavy 2d/3d softwares i.e. 3DS Max, UDK, Photoshop, After Effects and so on...


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Re: Advice on purchasing a new MSI laptop
« Reply #1 on: 25-December-15, 03:54:01 »

Both the WT as the WS have the quadro cards, they have similar specs (WT can have more ram and a better GPU). The W in the name stands for Workstation. (I think, because the gaming ones have a G in the name, they have gtx cards like the GS60 with gtx970m)
The WT however is thicker and larger then the WS. (WT72 = 17.3" and 40-48mm thick, the WS60 is 15.6" and is 20mm thick)
The specifications can be found here:
The latest models with skylake have the 6 in the second part of the name (for example the WS60-6QJ)
But the exact configuration depends on your country, so check a local store website to make sure which model has which specs.

So the choice you have to make will be portability ~ power.
If you need to take your laptop with you a lot and want something lighter and smaller, take the WS60.
If you don't care about the weight, and/or want a bit more power or a larger screen, take the WT72.
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Re: Advice on purchasing a new MSI laptop
« Reply #2 on: 25-December-15, 04:18:44 »

Thanks for your response, that's great!
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