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Author Topic: [MSI PRO MOD S3] - PC One Pillar Pagoda in Viet Nam  (Read 3864 times)

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[Build Log] One Pillar Pagoda Viet Nam Project Chassic - Chùa Một cột PC

[ Start Up ]
We know our country have alot special place and alot famous structure, but our tourims not ads more .So through this project , we want enjoy Intel Enthusiast Modding party in Ha Noi & Ho Chi Minh ,show our some place together outside country.:D   Hope you will like and come Viet nam to see this.

Thanks alot

[ Specs ]
CPU Intel Core i5 4430
Mainboard B85 ITX SK1150
RAM Kingston HyperX DDR3 
PSU Antec HCG 520W
APC WaterCooling KIT custom in Viet Nam

[ Building ]
Coz my english not good ,so plz understand and follow our picture like below

Planning from 0 , don't have any size , don't have any 3D.We need caculate and building 3D model through SKETCHUP and below:

First thinks look like this

but we need send to another side of our country ( Ha Noi- Ho chi minh city ) so we need smaller,basic.. 
We plan use some formex for reference first :)

Go to Real :) ,try use Tank of WaterCooling

Try use more plan for top of this Pagoda

Top of  Pagoda will use Resoiver Tank Table for use CPU Cooling

Try another plan

Cable sleeve 

Plan for PowerSupply and Pump

Last Picture of this day.

Next Day....

And continue for use tanks in down side

Do you get think of this ???

Test Leak watercooling..


Some detail ...

Mistake when use 2 face Tape..

After detach tape...

this base for One Pillar Pagoda PC Computer

And close look....

USe Mayhems Aurora Coolant Blue for show..


Another side of look

Introduce about One Pillar Pagoda Viet Nam ...

With our group of VietNam WaterCooling in Facebook.

Full Photo of One Pillar Pagoda in Ha Noi , Viet Nam

More pics you can see at :
Video Trailer of this product Chùa Một Cột PC :
Video about flow chart of coolant :   

[ Conclusion ]

- With 7day for this project, we don't have full time for build this coz day work , build in night.
- For top of Pagoda we use wood coz can not use ( or maybe we don't have skill for use arctic
so maybe diferrent with all.
- this product have 3rd level in Intel Enthusiast Changlege in Viet Nam 

When you have time come Viet nam or Ha Noi,plz arange your time 
come and see real One Pillar Pagoda in Viet Nam.If you have any problem or hardthing in our country, don't worry coz you can call +84.979.899.599 for support ^^ you're welcome

Once time again, Thanks for read and comment ,feedback for us to make more beautiful. 

Duc Tien - Viet Nam


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Re: [MSI PRO MOD S3] - PC One Pillar Pagoda in Viet Nam
« Reply #1 on: 27-December-15, 23:36:46 »


Thanks for participating MSI PRO MOD S3 casemod competition.
Soft reminder:
1. The competition will end on DEC 31. 2015 PM11:59 (GMT +8).
2. Insert the official banner on the top of your threads. Download the banner file here
3. Please update your worklog with 5 or more pictures of your FINAL mod entry (preferably W600 x H400 pixels in jpg file format) including ones highlighting MSI motherboard & graphics card (model name specified).
4. Once you finish the mod, MUST reply the following message under the campaign thread ( by DEC 31. 2015 PM11:59 (GMT +8).
  • -MOD entry title
  • -URL of your worklog

dtien87Topic starter

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Re: [MSI PRO MOD S3] - PC One Pillar Pagoda in Viet Nam
« Reply #2 on: 30-December-15, 22:12:59 »

CPU i5 4460
Mainboard MSI B85i ITX  ( onboard GPU)

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