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Author Topic: MSI WT72 2OK Mobile Workstation Unboxing  (Read 1040 times)

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MSI WT72 2OK Mobile Workstation Unboxing
« on: 16-February-16, 04:33:38 »

There’s an old says, “To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.”
As a designer, I’m totally agreed with this point. When I was a student, I didn’t realize it. So I use regular laptop to run the design program. But it really takes such long time for waiting rending or running software. Till now, I think I’m done with it and time for changing an efficiency one. After spent lots of time to check and compare different brand of Mobile Workstation, I’ve choose…. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you (drumming): MSI WT72 2OK Mobile Workstation.

Let’s take a quick look at it’s spec:

First, I would like to talk about performance.
Are you kidding me? It’s incredible to combine 3 latest platforms: CPU: Intel® Xeon® Mobile processor + GPU: NVIDIA® N16 Quadro®M3000M Professional Graphics Card 4GB GDDR5 + OS: Windows 10 Pro.
Finally, we got Xeon CPU for Mobile Workstation. Why I said that? Because Xeon CPU can benefit you when driving digital services that deliver real-time insight through in-memory computing and provides reliability, availability, serviceability (RAS) features you can count on.
And about GPU, new generation N16 is basic increase 20% performance than N15. If you search related information on internet, some studied shows, running on some specific program such as Catia, Maya, or Creo, N16 can do the double performance than N15.
I think I don’t have to mention how good Windows 10 Pro is. Some said it’s the best OS ever. It combine all the advantages and drop all the weak point of Window 7 and Window 8.   

The screen is 17.3“ FHD (1920 x 1080), Wide-view, Anti-Glare and it’s is really comfort my eyes for my long time usage.

DDR4 ECC Memory 32GB (up to 64GB).
DDR4 Memory really enables the higher speed experience due to a larger bandwidth. Not only brings higher speeds at even lower power usage, but also larger memory configurations up to 64GBdue to the double density of packaging. Compare with DDR3, the increasing percentage of Read, Write, Copy are +32%, +37%, and +39%.
And you might be curious why I choose ECC Memory. The reason is so clear. One words: Stability.
For designer, one simple work or task might take at least 10 hours or few days/weeks. And the system crashed during working is a real nightmare that happened all the time. 
Error-Correcting Code (ECC) Memory can help detect and correct single-bit memory errors which can lead to data corruption or cause a system crash. It can also extend memory life and reduces down time. Moreover, ECC Memory can make troubleshooting easier. I think with all the benefits, every designer should consider equip ECC Memory. I truly recommended this from the bottom of my heart. 

About the I/O port, MSI WT72 6OK didn’t disappoint us.
USB-Type C : USB3.1 / Thunderbolt 3.0 / Display Port
USB-Type A : USB3.0 x 6 
Video out : mini Display Port x 1 ,HDMI x1 
Headphone x1, Mic x1, SD Card Reader
Well, I think it’s more than “enough” even designer might have lots of needed for I/O port.
I have recommend Type C and Thunderbolt. Data transfer speed up to 10Gb/s (USB 3.1) 40Gb/s (Thunderbolt 3). I still can’t imagine how fast it is. In the past, I can take a shower or have a lunch even take a nap when data transfer, cause it really takes long long time. But now, 40Gb/s ?!?!? It’s too fast maybe I can only have a time to go to restroom…. I hate you but I love you MSI.
Besides, Thunderbolt 3 can connect two 4K 60Hz display or one 5K display with single Super Port. Time flies, you must be sure you can keep up with….

Just trying to run some simple usage on Maya. It’s incredible smooth. I think it should be attribute the success to MSI exclusive technology “Super Raid 4”. It’s compose by 2x SSD of PCI-E Gen.3 x4 bandwidth which can reach 3300MB/second. I guess this really breaks current limitation in PC world. Compare with my Hard drive, it just like Rocket Vs. Bike…. (LOL)

I’m also running some benchmark for checking the performance of whole system as below:

What can I said, all the data shows how perfect MSI WT72 is.
And to give an added grace to what is already beautiful. MSI also did amazing job on the accessories.
For software, they got their own technology “True Color” which for color calibration. And it already set few scenario such as Gamer, Movie, Anti-Blue, sRGB, and Designer. MSI also work with Nahimic which used to put in use on military sonar. I think this two is really benefit Digital Content Creation user or Movie effect editor.

For Hardware, what I love most is their ultimate Audio with
1.Dynaudio (The world top 3 loudspeaker maker in Danish.) You had no idea that laptop can play such high quality sound.
2. Steel Series Keyboard (A leading manufacturer of Keyboard.) For the user who got to spend long long time working on laptop. The tactile impression is become more important. I suggest you can go to any store to try MSI Mobile Workstation’s keyboard. And you’ll know what I mean. 
3. Silver Lining Printing: This is really a designing that gladden the heart and please the eye. The Silver Lining Printing really lights up the Keyboard. And it did have practical virtue. It did leveled up the brightness immensely and Increase user’s intuition.
4. Big Touch Pad: This is really good when I working in outdoor without mouse.
5. One Key Switch: Sometime, the optimize system will choose using CPU rather than GPU and there’s no way to change. Thanks MSI, you really solve this issue by design one key switch that forcing system to execute GPU and makes workflow more efficiency.  

To sum up, what’s the point for a professional designer chosen his laptop?
My point of view is Performance, Stability, and Working Efficiency.
For this point, we can know that WT72 2OK definitely is best of the best~!!!
And will become my best choice.

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