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Author Topic: MSI GS40 Micro stuttering and freezes  (Read 2907 times)

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manuel__maiaTopic starter

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MSI GS40 Micro stuttering and freezes
« on: 07-May-16, 05:47:26 »

Hello everyone!
I come to you almost desperate. I've been trying everything I can think of for the past few days and nothing works :nooo:

I'm experiencing random freezes in game and Windows. They usually only last about a second but are very noticeable.
In game it happens every 5-10mins and FPS drop from 100 to 15 or 20. In Windows the cursor gets stuck, some media players display sound errors for the duration of the freeze. After it's over everything goes back to normal.
I'm also having a lot of issues with games resizing and going full screen. I can't maintain my desktop icons in order because everytime I open a full screen app they get messed up. Like the computer is having trouble switching GPUs.

-Temperatures are stable and fine, around 85ºC for both CPU and GPU.
-Using MSI Afterburner I noticed a big spike decrease in core and memory clock for the GPU when the freezes happen.
- I have updated BIOS, VBIOS and EC Firmware (after EC firmware update I didn't reset the battery with a pin, but this was already days ago and it was already freezing before).
-Factory reset didn't work.
-Thought it had something to do with Killer's NIC, now running on pure drivers with no change to freezes...
-Running chipset and beta VGA drivers from MSI, latest nvidia driver for my card. Also tried with non beta VGA drivers and nvidia 362.00 with no change.
-Messed with power options, used Crystal Disk to keep the second HDD always alive (although I still have nothing installed or even on it) to no avail...

I will run memtest later today to check if the RAM is ok.
I also read a few people saying this might have to do with the touchpad. I have it disabled (Fn+F3) and the freezes still happen.

The experience isn't smooth and these stuttering issues are very annoying. Specially when it runs so smooth and fast for 99% of the time.
Laptop is 1 week old. The problem has been present from the start.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need any more info please ask.

Thank you!

manuel__maiaTopic starter

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Re: MSI GS40 Micro stuttering and freezes
« Reply #1 on: 10-May-16, 13:14:25 »

Okay so, small update!
I started uninstalling software I was suspicious about, Killer Suite, Nahimic, everything MSI, geforce experience, etc.. All with absolutely no change on my issues.
Then I noticed crashes and freezes were way more common when I was using the notebook on battery power and without a mouse. I rulled out the battery and found the issue! It was the Elantech touchpad driver!
Uninstalled it and everything is rock solid now!

Unfortunately I lost a lot of useful touchpad functionality, any pointers on how to get it back? Particularly being able to two finger scroll and disabling it via the Fn+F3 shortcut.



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Re: MSI GS40 Micro stuttering and freezes
« Reply #2 on: 16-May-16, 05:06:43 »

You can reinstall Elantech touch pad driver from msi website and update EC.


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Re: MSI GS40 Micro stuttering and freezes
« Reply #3 on: 24-July-17, 19:06:46 »

I finally got rid of this issue ... I have gs43vr phatom pro (GTX 1060)
first I upgraded all my drivers...once you buy MSI laptop make sure to update all the drivers
I don't know why MSI did this but in an older version of these drivers, there was no auto update option...
all the drivers can be found on
just search for your laptop name and download
NOTE: - some of the drivers listed on official site are old drivers ..make sure to download new drivers by going to
an official website like intel rapid storage or Nahimic
next step
download BIOS update ..follow the steps mentioned in the pdf which come along with the download
download Utility update .. if you want to keep all the bloatware make sure it is updated by downloading respective drivers
most of the people give up after this step
you must update your firmware
it is placed in same site msi downloads ....head to firmware section and download EC firmware
you must also download killer network manager or you can just update the drivers by downloading it from its official site
The EC firmware update and killer drivers are the most essential for removing mouse pointer freeze and lags
once this is done you can test by downloading a 1080p60fps video and looking for any frame freeze
or you can also watch a youtube video which is 1080p60fps and look for any stutter
you can also try latency mon look for any freeze or stutter
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