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Author Topic: [MSI PRO MOD - S4] MSI ROCK - by BaluC & Soccer -> (Pictures heavy)  (Read 4281 times)

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Soccer and I proud to present the fruit of our work, our newest completed mod: MSI ROCK.
In its core, the MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon, a one of a kind rock solid motherboard,
equipped with the Intel Core i7 5820K CPU and 64 gigs of HyperX Predator 3200MHz RAM.
The cooling of the build is a completely custom made Bitspower loop with lots of hard
tubing and dual 240mm radiators, including into the loop the MSI GTX970 graphics card.
Storage is provided by three HiperX SSD's, a Predator M.2 480GB and 2 Savage 48GB SSD's in RAID.
The whole structure was made by hand. We wanted to present the feeling of an epic rock concert.
We faced some challenges, like pulling off a perfectly simetrical, hexagonal structure while
making the woodwork, taking care of the small parts and electronics providing the movements
for the dragons. In the end we think we succeeded in bringing our design to life.
The moving and spinning dragons are nicely complimented by the RGB led lighting, which can be
set to automatically follow the rythm or can be set to operate fully manually. The audio is
provided by a built-in auto hi-fi system, for it's size it provides surprisingly rich and clear audio.

To be continued...

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Hi all :D

This is an Update!

To clarifi a few details, and point on a few intresting (hard) parts.

First... no... repeatedly would like to thank the Sponsores for their trust and support!

Here are the goodies :D

I love this part... to see and get hands on the great stuff.  But also it indicates a Lot:

- Lot Work

- massive Coffein intake

- sleepless + worked through nights

Here can you see the real Modding / work at the begining!

A 3D planed + cut the wood sheets on size + in angle to achieve the desiret hexagon

and the assembly... Harder then it looks, to make it whit only hand tools.

Angel test, it fits :)

HW size / fitting tests.

All gets on its place...

The CAR audio had a lot cabels, but had a "cheatshest" on it :D

a few wires cut + soldered somerhere else...

The Car audio has his place (measured, cut, sanded, cleaned, factory frame modified), and it is usable normaly :D

Here is the part where the speakers will get on their place.

The screw heads must disappear! :D  

Here is the messy part... after it the dusty part... The sanding...

This is not a factory assemblie! We had to make a few spacers, and extra screws to them.

after the sanding... the flat surfaces :)

PSU holder "cage" in progress...

Undercoat + First layer paint...

The end is sthill far far away
To be continued...

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Second layer sanded, cable fitting test...

Cabele + spacer test.

My helper checking that everything is fine...
I havent had burned ;)

The first idea was thet the main stage, should be red...
The inside panel had a few marks, had to deal whit them...

VGA recieves the propper water block!
To the MSI Gaming GTX970 Ordered a water block... havent checked the details... the "rev 1.1 Vs rev 1.3" is not a funny thing araund midnight to face...

Riser card test fit

Custom VGA supports

The fillers second layer havent dried out fast enough... but whit some help :D

Plan "B" IF something happens to the hardline tubes...
This had to survive a few long rtips...

Led strip cabeling... Light test... fitting (and hiding) tests...

A few other screws had to be cut to secure the two red water tanks, inside the mod.

Figureing out a simple and clean water loop :)

Before sanding and/or painting... or what ewer makes a mess: adequate protection is a must!
Looks stupid, but reuse things + protecting the HW-s + keeping your work clean are important things to remember.


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A lot time there are a few paralel work processes.
I desided to arrange the pictures a little by "theme"... and not time order... I think / hope it has more sense :)

Some random paint pictures...
The whole case has been painted 5 times + basecoat.
The base wood + fillers + basecoat + paints... this was fully sanded 6-10 times each part!
The  sanding  + painting Is a dirty one, so this is the part wher normaly no pictures are made...

The custom emectronic parts:
3 Manual light dimmer... together but sthil separet-> RGB ... ;)

a nother controller what has a microphone as a sensore...

just a test... oh... what a suprise... :bonk:

External controller, custom box "nacked" :D

From another projekt i had an extra side panel... This was the base for the Cover: Planed, Measured, cut, folded by hand... No CNC, No Laser / plasma / water / or who knows what...

After some folding, sanding and coffe it was time to Carbonise it :)

Cable must be pritty too

This is the conection to the case + the switch, what turns on the stage spinning motor + the servos (a bit later I will explane)

"The under side" + stage electronic + a nother test whit the external controller

This Is the final controller for the LED lights, to this mod.

The Stage
 first test fitting whit "the band"

A few parts to build in...
The base is a FAN :)  Modified of corse. 
The 5V to the servos are taken up to the stage

Built in the case, turn test.

Size / fitting + turning test

The Dragons size was fix. So the isntruments where planed and sized to them!

hand made!!!
- from plastic trash, MoBo spasers, PC screws, metal parts and hot glue
- no paint yet and havent been sanded down (repaired) the small imperfections
- not ther yet...

Now it looks like something...

The band cannot play "nacked"...
- made a template
- and all 5 had their own vest.
- All of them has different vest!!!

The small details what makes this band believable!
- The cymbals are made from a coper plate + hammer
- the drummer has his own drumsticks
- some dirt on the paint
- the MSI sing on the big drumm -> This was changed later on!

And all the details come together...

The servos under the stage

The Band had a Guest star :D

Lights (test) to see the whole thing together...

a LOT detail from the water loop and parts...

The Fans are connected together on each side, and the MOBO controlls the speed, depending on the temperatures :)

This wasnt look as it should.... sooo...

The riser card had recieved a camouflage :D

The "PSU Cage"
Not thet pritty as planed, but holds and leaves the air to flow :)

Top part
This was a tough one to make.
Hollow, but durable and steady!

Plan + paper template... a few cuts... and here it was...
almost ready...

and whit the (second set) letters -> this will come too ;)

OK... lets speak abaut the letters...
Measure, Choose the right font / logo, print, transfer it on the plastic...
and lets get cutting... a lot... and slow!
after a đĐ[@ long sawing, try to drink...
and now get ready to sand down all the ****ed up details...

Here is the Speaker protection mesh. Hand made too + the glued on letters / logos

The inder side had recieved a Carbon camouflage, so the whole mod has a unified look.

The plexy sheets has been cut to an angle too. This was needed, so ewery single one could be remouved if needed for some reason.

The Top part has a built LED strips too, to achieve a real stage effect

This was the end...
The making of the transport box :D


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A final Video:

more to come... later... I need some sleap too...
Zzzz... ZZZzzz...

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Re: Final Pictures - With VIDEO.
« Reply #7 on: 24-June-16, 04:26:41 »



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  • CoOkIe MoNsTeR!

Very nice! 8-))
Case: Corsair 780T
Motherboard: MSI GODLIKE 
Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB with Artic White kit
Windows: Windows 10 Pro
SDD: Samsung EVO 250GB 
HDD: Western Digital 1TB
DVD: LG Blu-ray Player and Reader
Video Card: MSI 980TI 6GB
Processor: Intel 5930k 3.5ghz (Stock)
CPU Cooler: Corsair H110I GTX

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