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Author Topic: Automatic Repair Loop  (Read 2608 times)

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culekristoTopic starter

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Automatic Repair Loop
« on: 25-June-16, 08:41:41 »

When my PE70 6qe boots up, it gets stuck in this boot. All the solutions I see all lead up to reseting it. So I tryed reseting it fully, i dont care about the files, but it just wont work. It will get stuck at 40% each time and say it failed. I tryed all the other options. It also wont let me enter the bios or bootup the boot options. This laptop has been buggy since day 1, can some please help? :(


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Re: Automatic Repair Loop
« Reply #1 on: 29-June-16, 00:10:56 »

If you can't restore system by MSI guide any way, the better way is let service center check it.

How to restore Windows 10 system on MSI Notebooks

MSI online service
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