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Author Topic: My MSI motherboard with gaming  (Read 1791 times)

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My MSI motherboard with gaming
« on: 08-July-16, 14:12:48 »

Its pretty good but can use more RAM slots with every motherboard, and can also use more graphics card slots and 2 HDMI ports, but other than that, the motherboard runs hardcore games pretty well, and it works ok around 60-70 frames per second with graphics card and 16 gigs of ram with a screen recorder running in background with skype running so when i record me and my entire gang is in on the record, and the motherboards might seam expensive, but it pays off when you start to really upgrade your rig. And if you want you can easily install liquid cooling systems since if your getting a gaming PC it might get a little hot, so you might need one of these then you might not, depending on how hot your PC gets on average. And my specific motherboard I bought a special mod that I don't often see on other gaming boards, and its a slot for a wifi mod, and it comes in handy if you have more than one person in your house who also games, but i recommend that who ever does more hardcore gaming should be directly wires to the router so they get the best performance with online gaming. and it also supports sound card (for the people who would need or use one), even though I have a surround sound set up with speakers or either headset it works fine without one, but mine specifically gets hot when playing games, and i might have to add or get a new graphics card. And MSI should also add more RAM slots like i said and i think most people would now why, but how i said should have 2 HDMI ports and at least have one VGA port (since some monitors only have VGA) but if it does have only VGA you can buy VGA converters that turn a VGA port into a HDMI port witch is very helpful in people who like a certain monitor that either looks good or has a good video quality. but PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE THERMAL PASTE because i can guarantee that it will get a little warm and if your playing COD and your about to get a really nice quick scope head shot to end the match your PC crashes in the middle of you aiming, and your screwed, so please get thermal paste its not even that expensive and it helps a lot, and if that don't work you'll need to spend a little more or a lot on a liquid cooling system like i said before, but that also depends on you'r environment and how hot it normally gets in your area, especially during the summer.


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Re: My MSI motherboard with gaming
« Reply #1 on: 09-July-16, 07:12:40 »

:confused2: This post is quite useless with no informations about your system at all. It might surprise you but there are tons of different MSI mainboard models. Also a mainboard has very little to do with the actual gaming experience...
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Re: My MSI motherboard with gaming
« Reply #2 on: 10-July-16, 10:23:27 »

:agrees: :worthless:
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