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Author Topic: msi 970a sli krait - Not Posting with R9 380x Video Card  (Read 847 times)

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This weekend I was putting together a couple of machines using the 970A SLI Krait Edition motherboard and the Gigabyte R9 380X Windforce video card. 

Get all components installed, go to turn on get 5 short beeps. That indicates bad processor but it actually turns on so, it wasn't the processor. Go through reseat everything take out the extra RAM and restart still getting the 5 shorts. Pull video card out completely, and then get the one long and 2 short beeps. Put in the much older Nvidia GT 500 series that was in the machine we were replacing and all beeps stop. Able to go through and install windows and all that stuff. 

Both machines are identical and have the EXACT same problem. That tells me that it's likely an incompatibility issue rather than a bad card from the jump (for both). I'd really like to be able to use what was purchased rather than have to go back and get a different card or motherboard.

Has anyone had an issue with their board having a similar issue? Would a BIOS update fix this problem or are we out of luck?



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Re: msi 970a sli krait - Not Posting with R9 380x Video Card
« Reply #1 on: 29-August-16, 14:56:49 »

Gigabyte components are known to not play well with MSI components, for whatever reason.

While you can contact Gigabyte about the video card....

I would probably just suggest changing either the motherboard out for a gigabyte, or changing the video card out for another brand.

We do not know why they don't play well together. And most likely if you contact Gigabyte they will say there are no issues with their cards and blame it on MSI, just like MSI support (ie not the admins or users here) will say there is nothing wrong and blame it on Gigabyte.
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