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Author Topic: Review of the MSI 4GB GTX 1050 Ti GPU  (Read 1098 times)

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Review of the MSI 4GB GTX 1050 Ti GPU
« on: 19-November-16, 22:27:02 »

Recently I have made the upgrade from the Gigabyte GT740 to the new MSI GTX 1050 Ti, and I have to say I am impressed!

Design and Sound:
The product runs silently even while playing games, has an absolutely stunning design and a very easy setup.

 The first thing I noticed about the card is the option for the MSI Gaming App, Upon opening it for the first time I came to the realization of how Overclocking and adjusting should be, The app provides a simple one click solution to everything making it easy to switch to the mode I need when I need it.  The live update app makes it easy to manage updates for my cards making it a one click update to the most recent software. The gaming app also adds the ability to display FPS, drainage stats, and so much more to a discreet location on your screen for live results in game.

Game Compatibility:
GTA V(2013) : One of the first games I decided to run is Grand Theft Auto V, I tested the game on various settings and came to the conclusion that this card is capable of much more than I initially thought. I was able to run all settings on High and lower at 60^ FPS and all settings on ULTRA at 35-65 FPS. This was running with several game changing mods that generally lower the FPS of anything due to the strain they add to the visuals. 

CS:GO(2012) : I was of course able to run the ever so popular game Counter Strike: Global Offensive at a stunning 100^ FPS with no issues as well as an equal FPS while Surfing.

Planet Coaster(2016) : In the newly released Planet Coaster I was able to run on the highest settings with a steady 69^ FPS even with multiple elements on screen.

Review By: ExplodingXMango,11/19/2016
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