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Author Topic: WT72 excellent display: not only performance  (Read 3250 times)

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WT72 excellent display: not only performance
« on: 24-November-16, 15:48:40 »

The most powerful WT72 mobile workstation by MSI is the first one in the world to support VR. Outstanding design, responsive keyboard, tremendous performance, efficient cooling, wide range of connectivity – this model has got literally everything I could ever dream of. But there is something you a special attention to – WT72’s display.

17.3" UHD IPS-level panel is simply incredible. Not only it reproduces objects in vivid and rich colors but also has wide viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical. Moreover, as on the image above, the opening angle is almost 180 degrees. The 3D image looks fantastic, the bear is pretty much standing on the table. I’ve taken a close shot on the model; if you think it looks not smooth enough – blame my camera. The panel of WT72 is very accurate and reviews by famous media support the point.

Before any laptop is born, MSI team dedicates their time to carefully studying every panel and only selecting high quality ones while disqualifying the rest. Then the color temperature is set to optimal 6500K and the grayscale is smoothed out. Finally, the color space on this wonderful workstation is 100% Adobe RGB! Though 100% sRGB is already very good and encompasses million of colors, 100% Adobe RGB includes even more by extending into richer cyans and greens.

All these great aspects are part of MSI True Color Technology. But what if you want to configure the colors or backlighting? The True Color software grants this power. 6 profiles dedicated to diverse uses, adjustable brightness, contrast, RGB, color intensity, color temperature and synchronizing your settings to a specific application adds a lot of new opportunities to make your work better and more efficient.

As mentioned before, wide viewing angles remove the restraint from sitting still as you may see your work from different angles and easily show it to anyone nearby. If I’d be Slavic dragon, my eyes could take turns.

By the way, Stingray and its real-time design visualization produce splendid results. For example, the objects inside a room look crisp and realistic. Every single door, table, sofa, lamp, surface texture, shapes and lighting are perfectly clear. The colors are, as expected, very precise.

Laptop Magmade some good comments based on their experience and measurements (full review:
When watching the trailer of The Magnificent Seven, they described the UHD display as “a sight to behold.” No surprise though this display offers stunning vivid images with high contrast and accurate colors.
As Laptop Mag found out, the panel can reproduce 173% of sRGB, easily surpassing the desktop-replacement average of 129%. It’s also higher than HP ZBook, Lenovo ThinkPad P70 and MacBook Pro.
The colors are almost perfectly accurate as the Delta-E is 0.87 with 1.3 being the category average. To compare, MacBook Pro is 2.1, HP ZBook is 2.4 and Dell Precision 5500 is 2.6. What a difference!
WT72 is also very bright: 305 nits when the category average is 291 nits. The ThinkPad P70 is 277 nits while ZBook is 241 nits.

No matter which software you run on WT72, the visuals will always be at the top. This mobile workstation is a great choice for the most advanced and complex design at dazzling productivity rate. See the articles about other aspects of WT72 to learn about its true value.

WT72 design:
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