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Author Topic: BIOS update broke my msi a88x-g41 pc mate atx fm2+ motherboard - Please help!  (Read 660 times)

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zfmaxTopic starter

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I have an msi a88x-g41 pc mate atx fm2+ motherboard, using an AMD A10-7860K processor. Somehow I broke it while attempting to update the BIOS. I desperately need help to get it back up and running.

 I downloaded the BIOS update utility that runs from Windows 7 and ran it. It went off and figured out the latest version and downloaded it and flashed it. Everything APPEARED to work just fine. It told me it was locking the keyboard and mouse and not to power it off and the animation played showing it was doing something. A bit later, Windows performed an orderly shut down as it performed a restart, which I assume was initiated by the BIOS update program.

Well the BIOS started it's boot up sequence. 9C in the lower right corner of the screen. I have an external card that has a BIOS and it got linked in, it's normal message came up. But then the screen goes black, with just a B2 in the lower right corner. Nothing happens.

If I hit DEL during boot-up, the same thing happens, except I get a message in the lower left of the screen saying it's entering setup. But it just locks up with that message showing.

HELP! I need this computer for my work. I'm dead in the water. How do I bring it back to life?


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Unfortunately the BIOS was mostly likely did not complete the update and you need to reprogram the chip using a EEPROM programmer or take it to a repair shop that can do so.

In the future NEVER flash the BIOS in Windows. Use M-Flash or similar programs that function outside of the operating system.


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9C is it trying to detect a USB device its struggling with
B2 is it struggling with a Graphics devices VBIOS it has

do you have a graphics card attached?
OS: Windows7 professional SP1 64bit (OEM)
Motherboard: MSI 790FX-GD70 (bios 1.17) AM3
Processor:AMD phenom IIx4 955 black edition 3.2GHz processor(Clock speed of 4GHz)
Cooler: corsair H100 cooler
Ram: 16GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz ram (2 dual channel kits model: CMP8GX3M2A1600C9) (underclocked at 1333MHz)
GPU: 1: MSI R7870 -2GD5T/OC @ 1155mhz , 2: MSI R7850-Twin Frozer 2GD5/OC @ 925mhz
PSU: Thermaltake tougthpower 1500W (+12v1 20A, +12v2 20A, +12v3 40A, +12v4 40A) (+12v1=20+4 connector, +12v2=CPU power, +12v3=PCI_E connections, +12v4 = molex+sata+PCI_E connectors  )
Extras: 1 x 4 port raid card (model SIL3114) ASUS Xonar Essence STX sound card PCI-E X1.
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