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Author Topic: CX61 2QC using integrated GPU instead of dedicated  (Read 577 times)

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CX61 2QC using integrated GPU instead of dedicated
« on: 06-October-18, 08:52:46 »

I have a MSI CX61 2QC laptop, on which I formatted Windows 8 (yuck) and installed Windows 7 Professional.
After this I installed the drivers as instructed on the support page for the CX61 2QC, including the Intel Graphics one and the NVidia one (and then upgraded it to the latest).

Unfortunately, none of my games run well, in fact, they are all incredibly laggy, with diving frame-rates and audio quickly going out of sync with the video- even older games on the lowest settings.
When I ran dxdiag, I discovered that the dedicated GPU wasn't even listed (i.e. wasn't being used). The device manager (and cpuz, which I also used), however, show both the NVidia 920M and the Intel HD Integrated Graphics.
I opened the NVidia control panel to make sure, but it was already set to use the High Performance NVidia Processor as the preferred processor. I also set all the games I wanted to run individually to the NVidia GPU.
Searching around, I found that the GPU doesn't activate unless there's something graphically intensive going on. So I ran one of my games (Crosscode, a 2D game, which I wouldn't think would be that graphically intensive, but in scenes with lots of stuff on-screen it lags as well), then ran dxdiag, and saw that it was STILL just listing the Intel HD Graphics.
Further searching suggested that I set my laptop's power settings from Balanced to Performance and reset, which I did. Still showing only Intel HD Graphics.

As another example, when I ran another game (A Hat In Time), when starting up, it warned me that while I had the Intel HD Integrated Graphics as well as an NVidia 920M, it had been set to use the integrated graphics option, and I should change it.

So can someone please help me to make full use of my laptop's graphical power?
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