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Author Topic: MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon not detecting Samsung 850 Pro SSD  (Read 588 times)

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glenagrahamTopic starter

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Hey All

Long time fan, first time owner and poster

Recently (a few days ago) purchased and built a new PC. based on i7 processor and MSI X99A mainboard

The problem is I have 3 hard drives out of my old system which are completely undetectable. Aside from the possibility that all three hard drives are dead (which is a real possibility), I'm wondering if there might be anything I'm missing or had a complete brain blank on ....

Setup as follows
- Windows 10
- Intel i7 6850K
- MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon Mainboard
- Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD
- GeForce GTX 670 (waiting for the MSI 1080TI Gaming x to be released :) )
- G.Skill RipJawsV DDR4 2133 8GB x 2

Once setup of Windows was complete, I went to connect my SATA hard drives from the old system and none of them were detected in the bios
- Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD
- 2TB and 3TB Western Digital (?) Drives (I think, I'll check when I get home)

I've tried this under both AHCI and IDE protocols (the two disk drives are a little long in the tooth) but still no dice

Last system died a horrible PSU related death and the MB was bricked as a result (dual bios both corrupted). Afraid that it might have taken my harddrives with it but wondering if anyone has some good troubleshooting tips


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the hdd should be detected under system status (bios) regardless of which sata mode you have, dead sata cable? dead hdd? forget to plug sata power cable? nothing else i can think of:think:


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yes bad PSU can kill the HDD(s)

check and examine them physically for any burn signs,
also try to smell for any burn signs

- 2TB and 3TB Western Digital (?) Drives (I think, I'll check when I get home)

can you feel [hear or touch gently to catch its vibrations from rotations] if they are spinning?
if they didnt even spin, they are gone for sure
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