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Author Topic: MSI 970 gaming motherboard CPU throttling  (Read 26 times)

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MSI 970 gaming motherboard CPU throttling
« on: 17-November-17, 22:37:25 »

Hello - 

I bought the MSI 970 gaming motherboard because I was under the impression it was one of the best motherboards for the AM3+ socket.  I have it paired with an AMD 8350 CPU, which is being throttled to no end.  It does not go, ever, past 1400MhZ, because for some reason the multiplier on my CPU is stuck at 7.  I can up the FSB, which will cause the 1400MhZ to go up a little, I've maxed it at around 1560.  However, this CPU should be at 4000, minimum, because the FSB is 200 and the multiplier is 20.  NOT 7.  20.  Has anyone ever encountered this before?  I'm very frustrated and disappointed, because I have a great CPU that performs horribly because it is operating at 1/3 of the speed it should be.
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