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Author Topic: B350 Tomahawk + Ryzen 5 /Overwatch,H1Z1,GTA V,Fallout 4  (Read 1205 times)

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Hello there people of internet! I've recently got my new pc build and I'm here to give you some opinions and benchmarks that have been performed last 3 days.
The games that I'll give opinion about today are Overwatch,H1Z1,GTA V and Fallout 4.
Lets get into it!
AVG FPS: about 120-170
Settings: 1080p with high/epic settings
Input lag with mouse: no
Opinion: Overwatch is a great game. To play it ranked or just for fun you'll need more than 70 fps in 6v6 fights (FPS drops usually happen in 6v6 fights with lots of particles and stuff)
So I would highly suggest getting good system and not saving money for this game.
AVG FPS:about 80-90 (60-70 in bigger towns!)
Settings: 1080p with high/very high settings
Input lag with mouse: no
Opinion: This is also one game that should be played with high FPS. But this game is more CPU intensive than GPU,but GPU can't be really bad. Worst GPU that you can get to play this is about 140-180 USD.
AVG FPS: about 70-90
Settings: 900p with high/very high settings
Input lag with mouse: no
Opinion: This game is essential for every modern gamer. So yeah,even if you can handle it at 30FPS get it! It's really fun,but Multiplayer will lag so much on really low end PC-s. Also,you'll need good CPU for this one and a
decent graphics as I said before in H1Z1 opinion.
Fallout 4
AVG FPS: 60 (FPS capped to 60. You can change it in game files)
Settings: 900p with High/Ultra settings
Input lag with mouse: no
Opinion: This game is also good as GTA V. It's one of PC-s must haves. 30 FPS is fine,but would recommend playing it with Xbox 360 controller on low end system! Why you might ask.? Lemme explain. If you play it with mouse it will
have really big input lag,but with joystick that wont be that noticable.So yeah,get a Joystick or borrow it. WIth high end systems I recommend Steam controller or Keyboard and Mouse. Personal prefrense!
Thanks for reading my rewiew!
You can always message me for more info about something,I'm willing to do benchmarks for every game you request!
-Ducko ;)
My specs:
GPU:R7 370 Powercolor GDDR5 2GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x  6C/12T


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Nice. I have similar configuration.
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