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Author Topic: Getting Windows 10 on a new HDD  (Read 403 times)

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Getting Windows 10 on a new HDD
« on: 23-February-18, 14:39:36 »

My HDD has just about died. It takes a good 10 minutes for startup. And another 10 for all desktop icons to load. So, I purchased a new one. How do I go about getting Windows 10 back on the new HDD? The laptop can only hold one HDD and most disk cloning softwares I found need both HDD's to be installed to be able to clone it. I did the burn recovery when I first got the laptop about 2 years ago. But, I have misplaced the USB that had it on it. Is there anyway to go back to a previous version to create that burn recovery?


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Re: Getting Windows 10 on a new HDD
« Reply #1 on: 23-February-18, 16:03:08 »

You can try and use a downloaded iso usb maybe your windows 10 key is tied to the motherboard.
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