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Author Topic: GT72s 6QD Dominator G SSD fail  (Read 481 times)

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GT72s 6QD Dominator G SSD fail
« on: 23-February-18, 13:55:48 »

I sent in my notebook last week cuz it was not booting. Was stuck on the MSI logo. Diagnosis was a bad SSD. It's still under warranty so they said they would replace the SSD. I have some files on the SSD that were not backed up but no biggie. I keep most of my important files on the 1TB drive D:. I said go ahead.
I get the notebook back the other day and my drive D is wiped clean. All my files gone. They had no reason for messing with drive D so I figured it was safe. Now I'm royally F'd.


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Re: GT72s 6QD Dominator G SSD fail
« Reply #1 on: 23-February-18, 22:02:57 »

It's too late for you, but not for others.  Always backup your data before sending a computer for service.  Ideally, make two separate backups, in the unlikely event that one has a problem.  if you have time verify that you can restore from the backup.
You are right, MSI should not have touched the HDD if the problem was the SSD.  They may have done a fresh install of Windows, if it was originally on D: and restored it to D: but there was no need for that if Windows and D: were both working and only C: (the SSD) had a problem.

You can download and use SmartCtl from this website to check your disks and report if there are any issues.  It has been around for years and is used by many to report on disk health.

You could contact MSI to complain about this issue, if you don't tell them, they won't know.  They probably can't restore your lost data, but some data recovery programs may be able to do that.
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