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Author Topic: 7 gaming series from MSI and its highlights  (Read 16338 times)

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7 gaming series from MSI and its highlights
« on: 14-July-17, 01:49:13 »

When the 7th Generation INTEL CPU was introduced in 2017 together with NVIDIA’s 10 series PASCAL GPU, the gaming laptops in terms of performance, were leveled with its long-term counterpart that had long been the dominating force PC gaming. In other words, carrying a high-caliber laptop for heavy-gaming duty is no longer a dream, but a fantasy made real with variety of gaming laptops to suit each player’s needs. MSI proudly introduces 7 different series in the 2017 Computex Expo specifically designed for variety of different players
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l  GT The Dragon Soul
l  GS Compact PowerHouse
l  GE Enthusiast Series
l  GP/GF Performance Series
l  GL/GV Multimedia Series

GT The Dragon Soul

GT series is the gaming powerhouse designed for hardcore gamers. Sporting the highest CPU and GPU, including the GEFORCE GTX1080 SLI for the ultimate gaming experience. The GT series can handle any current or upcoming triple A titles; and with its iconic red-trimmed ventilations that works in unison with the Cooler Boost Titan, GT can operate at full capacity without throttling or overheating. Steelseries rapid mechanical keyboard added with the per-key RGB function is also the 1st to be found on a 17inch gaming laptop; with satisfying tactile feedback and customizations to make the keyboard your own. Another improved feature is the Nahimic 2+, paired with Dynaudio and SABRE HiFi DAC to produce amazing audio both through speakers or headphones. GT has been highly regarded as the king among gaming laptops, and it is without its merits; because it wasn’t merely built just to perform, but also to indulge, to stand out, and to last.
GS Compact PowerHouse
The GS Series redefined what it means to game on the go. The GS63VR Stealth Pro with its robust and lightweight magnesium alloy chassis, gamers/users alike can enjoy the benefits of unrestrained gaming even with graphical demanding games; thanks to the balanced design between the GPU, CPU, and cooling. This 1.9kg and 17.7mm thick beauty also carries a potent Cooler Boost Trinity; a cooling module consisting of 3 fans and 5 heat-pipes that maintains the system at optimal during strenuous activities; SteelSeries backlighting keyboard with exceptional tactile feedback; and certified Hi-Res Audio through ESS SABRE HiFi DAC with a max output at 24bit/192kHz. The era of portable gaming has emerged in the wake of the GS series; portable, powerful, potent cooling, all to fulfill gamers’ needs to enter their arenas, wherever they may be.
GE Enthusiast Series:

GE series has the hearts of the enthusiastic gamers. It carries everything a gamer desires; from powerful performance, potent cooling, and unique appeal. But the whole new GE63/73VR Raider has much more to offer, bringing gaming to an unprecedented satisfaction. GEFORCE GTX1070 is now available on the GE series, new Cooler Boost 5, 120Hz gaming panel, Dynaudio’s Giant Speakers with Nahimic 2+, and the Per-Key RGB backlighting keyboard, are all upgrades that are implemented solely to deliver better gaming experiences. Now the GE series can offer even more intense visuals and audio; the ability to customize your keyboard with own color, and the deafening speakers so loud that you won’t be needing an external one.
GP/GF Performance Series

GP/GF are products that are more budget-friendly, targeting gamers who only seek to game with the fundamental needs. With GP available in GEFORCE GTX1060 and GF available in 1050Ti/1050, both series are still beefed up with powerful GPUS along with WTFast and Killer Shield for smooth online gaming experience. Though the keyboard doesn’t have the per-key lighting function, its silver-lining printing and variety of pre-set color patterns are still plentiful to customize and play around with.
GL/GV Multimedia series

GL/GV series are suitable for moderate gamers who also emphasize on usages like other multimedia entertainments or for work. It may not be as powerful as the other series as they are available in GEFORCE GTX1050Ti/1050, but it certainly is plentiful enough to play some of the mainstream games that aren’t too graphically demanding. You can also enjoy 4K multimedia using these two series. GL sports a light and robust chassis using magnesium alloy with a touch of brushed hairline; GV on the other hand uses a low profile matte black theme also with brushed hairline to elevate the overall appeal. Users can also set up their macros or remap their keys using SteelSeries Engine 3, a more advanced customizability to fit each user’s preference.
If you would like find out more about the products and information, feel free to visit the website provided below
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