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Author Topic: WS63 now adding Quadro P4000 and is VR Ready  (Read 3741 times)

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WS63 now adding Quadro P4000 and is VR Ready
« on: 07-August-17, 01:00:38 »

Quick news here: The WS63 now also comes with Quadro P4000 graphics!

For those who have been seeking slim & light mobile workstations are probably already familiar with the WS series.
And the WS63 7RK was one of the latest and most portable option on the market, with its high-end Quadro P3000 graphics.

Now, with some VooDoo tech magic (jk ;D ), MSI has managed to pack the Quadro P4000 graphic into the slim and mobile notebook.
This makes the latest “WS63VR 7RL” even more impressive as it’s now VR Ready by industry standards, and is one of the most (if not the only) portable VR Ready mobile workstation to date.

And as a member of the WS63 series, it still comes with all the previous innovative features: Thunderbolt 3, fingerprint sensor, Cooler Boost Trinity, True Color, etc.

Detail spec can be found here:



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Re: WS63 now adding Quadro P4000 and is VR Ready
« Reply #1 on: 09-October-18, 05:14:22 »

I think this is the only slim & powerful gaming notebook that refreshed with Quadro P4200 and P3200 graphics is fantastic!

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Re: WS63 now adding Quadro P4000 and is VR Ready
« Reply #2 on: 11-December-18, 02:33:57 »

I am still using my old WS60 M2000M laptop since 3years ago, still working very well, except a trivial battery problem but resolved by MSI service team very quickly.  It's surprised its long and stable life offered by MSI, that's a embarrassed but originally I did expect to invest another new slim MSI WS65 in coming days..:think:
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Re: WS63 now adding Quadro P4000 and is VR Ready
« Reply #3 on: 13-December-18, 03:03:26 »

WS series had been all time powerful slim gear for mobile designers and it's still the ultimate solution among presentations and meetings between different places
With the exclusive features, it could be the best choice for mobile workers like image/video or interior designers.

The official intro video would be here

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Re: WS63 now adding Quadro P4000 and is VR Ready
« Reply #4 on: 18-December-18, 03:44:17 »

MSI's Workstation series really finds a balance between portability and power.
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