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Author Topic: MSI Neo2-P network cable unplugged  (Read 2655 times)

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MSI Neo2-P network cable unplugged
« on: 04-May-06, 23:07:40 »

Hello I am new here and do not come even close to posessing the levels of knowledge I havbe read in some posts.  That said I have an issue that I found some threads slightly relevant to but not entierly.\

I have a

MSI Neo2-P

with the realtek network adapter.

I have been running this comp on a home network for 6 months with minor issues but nothing major.  today I received a sys tray icon saying that a network canble is unplugged (realtek).  I am nolonger able to connect to the internet or net work however my linksys software sees the networks  out there.

It would seem like an easy fix, but i have no idea what cable the error is reffereing to.  I see no cables I see no ethernet port.  PLease advise if youi can help. thanks


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Re: MSI Neo2-P network cable unplugged
« Reply #1 on: 05-May-06, 03:07:50 »
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  • Please posts more of your rig and list in details of your PSU and Bios Revision and put it in your Signature!! Is your network cabling ok or not? Loosing? Tried to unplugged the cable and if you're using a switch hub tried to changed other ports.
    How to flash BIOS!=>

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    Re: MSI Neo2-P network cable unplugged
    « Reply #2 on: 07-May-06, 02:17:52 »
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  • I'll move it to the P4 Section for more discussions.

    Try to change your RJ45 LAN cable that you connect the system to the router and see if it works.
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    Re: MSI Neo2-P network cable unplugged
    « Reply #3 on: 07-May-06, 02:21:38 »
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  • ^^^ Faulty cable possible, but if no joy from the above suggestion, You may even have a router/switch malfuction or possibly even a peer to peer sharing program giving you problems.

    Are you using one of these programs?
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    Re: MSI Neo2-P network cable unplugged
    « Reply #4 on: 07-May-06, 06:44:05 »
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  • This is a generic message windows gives out anytime time it losses its connectivity to a network. The internet is a network. What type of internet connection are you using?
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