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Author Topic: Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]  (Read 558 times)

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Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]
« on: 09-October-17, 18:47:50 »


Goa´uld Al´Kesh

is a space ship of the bomber class from the TV series Stargate SG1.
What is there to say?

Designation: Al'kesh
First appearance:SG1_04x22SG1 4x22 Exodus
Sheath material:Naquadah
Other systems:escape pod,ring Transporter,Camouflage shield (optional)

As a big Stargate fan I always wanted to have one of the spaceships.
Unfortunately it is very rare in the series and since the game there, every Alkesh looks different.
So just the right thing to let my creativity run wild.
Sometimes I do not even like the original right so I build the Al`kesh as I see it.
The Al'kesh was supposed to be a functional ITX system, and the rest would be inspired by Stargate

In this sense: Shal'kek nem'ron ('I die free!')

CPU: -
Mainboard: MSI Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon AC
Ram: Ballistix Sport LT White 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666


in advance two pictures of the hardware which is installed.
Since I am still not sure how or how much I get into the case
I've sent the AERO ITX carefully to Alphacool to let me make a suitable water cooler for it.
Unfortunately there is not yet one on the market for the MSI VGA.

I would like to thank you very much to



since they support me so energetically in this project

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« Reply #1 on: 21-March-18, 17:26:56 »

Hi ,
Sorry for beeing to late
I can´t edit the start post.

The updated spec list:

CPU: Intel Core I7 6600K
Mainboard: MSI Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon AC
Ram: Ballistix Sport LT White 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666
PSU: Enermax Revolution SFX 550W
Fan: 2 x Enermax T.B.RGB

Bitspower custom water cooling

I would like to thank you very much to





since they support me so energetically in this Project

More updates comming soon then I explain what was going on.

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« Reply #2 on: 24-March-18, 11:26:45 »

Now it's going on again.

As previously mentioned I've sended the VGA to Alphacool, which arrived there at the beginning of 10/2017. As a hint, I should calculate with 20 days for the mapping. (ca. 11/2017) and 8-12 weeks manufactoring, so max 01/2048 - 03.2018.

The VGA was sended back short before Christmas, on demand, they couldn't give me an Answer about the further term, so I have to school myself in patience.

In my assessment I've asked them again in January, but I'm not able to find the email for it. My last request was at the 27.02.2018 but since Christmas I'm not getting any replies.

But because MSI and Crucial/Ballistix are trust in me, which I've already strained in my Opinion, I needed to orienteering me otherwise.

And see there I was able to find a fitting VGA Cooler at Bitspower and could convince them to support my Project.

That opens me of course an other possibility to even adapt the Watercooling on the typical Goa`uld Al`kesh Colors.

But see for yourself

The acerbity of course was, no sooner as Bitspower sended out the Packet to me, it was honestly the same day 14.03.2018 (Big Brother is watching you and so), if got a reply from Alphacool. Sorry etc.

Very well then I've now two Cooler Super. :klatsch:

Well now, let's start.

As first step, I've builded on my own a Styroporcutter, more flexible as a table and hand device. I don't need to say a lot about it I think. All right, working with the water level, cause with bevel cuts I can't work.

Here the auxiliary solution to stretch the Wire

And here the fixture to make it able to use the hole thing also as Hand device/ lance.

Now I've got two Styroporplates in 100x50x16cm. At first I wanted to glue them together to get enough height for building but meanwhile one plate is enough. So first a fitting egg was cutted.

And the the Lance unplugged and worked securely with free hands. How it is at all works, a bit less cutting then to much.

Now it's go further with 40er and 60er sandpaper, that works really well. With this result I haven't thought, apart from that mess.

So step by step I fumble my way to the Form that delight me.

As far as good, now I started to sister the different layers from the Al`Kesh. For that you use preferably thick construction paper for it.

Everything somehow compromises but only these makes imaginative. How a painter just is, he's thinking that filler will do its best, but the more the better is the working now, as less level out is needed later.

False sequence sorry but here is the Material that I organized for it. I will comment in the next working steps.

To get a stand clear gap and to hamper the contact between the polyester resin and the Styropor (it would decay in a short time) I've insert a 3mm thick PE Tube in the side.

Now only the Back. I've thought everything would went easier/faster but that is making a DIY’er out.

I didn't know how the Polyester Resin would react with the duct tape, so ever duct tapes and gaps would glued more with paper and instantglue

and so its begin, the hole paper covered in a deep layer of Polyester Resin and then carefully dap little strips weaves on it. not spreading just dapping that the Strips won’t move.

In the same way the spreading would tear down the weaves.

The Weaves draws full of the resin from alone.

During the work the resin will begin gelation and you can dap the next mixture on it or the remaining Material until the Weaves are completly embedded.

Because the work with the Paper became silly i’ve tried on trail to paint the sides with wall color to get a seperation between the Polyesterresin and the Styropor. That was really marginal, as the Weaves was on it, i saw the Styropor began to wind up. Phew saved by the bell.

To reach the most highest stability I've choose two Polyester putty knifes. One rude fibre-reinforced and a fine Polyester putty knife.

Here the rude one. He is remove the biggest surface irregularities.

Groundhog Day. For Days always the same work steps by a processing time of 2-5 min, nerves after a time but as Painter it's buisness as usual.

Blending - processing - cleaning tools - smoking break :D

Time for the next Layer: the Cap

The Cap was painted with Polyester Resin so it can reach the right form. The process of gelation is going on fairly quick,os you can take an eye on the dry process. It was fixed with assembly adhesive out of the cartridge. At the Borders I watched out that it isn't gluing with the spaceship. I went regularly along the sites with a boxcutter.

The resin which was to much I painted on the Spaceship, like you can see.

Now I've coated both side of the Cap with GRP Weaves. I two working process for sure. It gelate fast but is hardened first after 12h. It depends on how good you mix it. To observe the presets is really important. I've mostly mixed with Syringes of 50-100ml but how you think a lot helps a lot, that's not the fall here. To much hardened can extend the dry time fastly to more then 24h. I've looked a bit silly out of the clothes xD

Temperature is important like at varnish minimum 20°+.

Okay this is going to explode the picture limit.

A weekly update is verified herewith :)

See you next time!!


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« Reply #3 on: 26-March-18, 18:01:27 »

Thx guys.
after I covered everything with the fine polyester knife it went to the bottom.
Exactly the same procedure as above

Now the Back had to be straightened, but I needed a guide rail.

Paper helps very well as a ruler replacement if you want to cut polystyrene,
So I cut the shape of the spacecraft from construction paper and taped it on styrodur, and cut it out.

Now I had a straight line to fix the paper strips and then brush with polyester resin.

the same on the bottom

Now I could cover everything with the polyester putty.

Now it was time to determine the perfect shape for the pyramid.
First try with paper.

Nooo that Looks not good :p

second try :  is better.  :thumbsup:
Nice snappy in the front and a fat back to look inside.
The pyramid is later built from plexiglas :rock:

first template i built from wood

What do you think about the form?

Now I can cut everything up

remove cover carefully

Hole drilled

and cut out, after that I began to fill the underside.

After cutting the spaceship, the whole thing looked like this.

Unfortunately I did not have a picture of the empty interior at this time.
But i have posted a Video onFacebook .
But as it looks exactly then you see in the next post :p

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« Reply #4 on: 02-April-18, 13:28:51 »

Hello and Happy Easter!
This time a monster update.

I have a lot tube remains but nothing fits for a engine

I found 4 feets for shop shelves

and yeah I think that suits.


and lenses to illuminate each engine from the inside

Then the Ballistix Sport LT.
I remove the decals and cooler. 
I closed the holes with aluminum kit

paint in Gold

and glued them with thermal adhesive

i cut out 3mm Alu for the Riser Cable.

and glued with GRP 

I noticed that I forgot a level on the bottom.

Unfortunately, it has slipped by 2 mm

finally the radiators arrived

cut out 

i like it

The point why i used 2 120mm rads and no 240

then i glued the rads with epoxy and the poylester resin

brood brood- Power Supply Ventilation - Transporter Rings, Dr Watson Combine! :rofl:

Hahaha YES!
For the holder 2 alu angle i used.

fixed with fiber-rainforced knife

and then with GRP

As a dust filter I've cut out a circle from an old mesh

bend arround the tube

and glued with Acrifix R192.

now the hinge mechanism

 3mm Alu for the shipside.

everything was as large as possible placed in GRP as usual

now i marked the layer for the MB tray
and used two small alu angle

these where fixed with fibreglas-rainforced putty and painted with polyester resin  

Good you are now up to date.
Yesterday I started customizing the MB Tray but more about it next time.

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« Reply #5 on: 09-April-18, 18:52:36 »

Tek´ma´tek Tauri!

Now it went to the MB tray.
To measure it, I just measured every two inches from the center
and put me on the tray points.

so I could accurately as possible to cut the aluminum.

now the riser card 

and cut the threads for it

then all holes and spacers were set

now it went to the cockpit
I just played something with Plexiglas to see where that leads.

So I started sticking together piece by piece

yes its okay

Next, I have a mini-hinge, generously with the Acrifix, glued into the pulpit and cut on the ship's side a thread in the large hinge (M1.5)

Now I have the pages straightened and ready.
With the pulpit I now have a small hinge which hides the big hinge :stupid::rofl:

So now the flop at all.
Last week I built landing skids. But the fit absolutely not to the spaceship

So they come in the showcase.
I need another solution for that . :wall:

At some point I have to do it, I also want to finally install gas spring for the lid but without the pyramid, the lid is still too unstable.
Lets go

First attempt went wrong but so I can practice gluing something

Next, I will prepare the plates for gluing.
Thank you all.
Until next time

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« Reply #6 on: 16-April-18, 19:02:04 »

Hello ,

All cut surfaces were sanded and deburred

then cleaned and masked with polyester adhesive tape and glued.

Of course, the first attempt went awry. When masking I kept the scalpel too oblique, so the gap was too big and I could only remove the excess adhesive by force.
I even had a fugue apart, well that was somehow clear.
So second try.

second attempt was actually okay except for a minimal blistering

So I tried it a third time.
But that was even worse, I use number 2

Now I've packed the pyramid clean again for all subsequent operations and cut out the shape of the spaceship

Then the spaceship so that the pyramid fits in perfectly

so that the adhesive and the filler form any unwanted reflections I have all cut edges painted gold.
Then inserted the pyramid and puttied all the gaps again.

finally progress :cool:

In addition, I built an IO shield for the motherboard.
Which form suits the concept best?
Right, a goa´uld sarcophagus.
For this I cut some aluminum

and bend it in shape

For the outer curves fits 16er tubes

For the circles I took 5mm Plexiglas

I then glued the pipes liberally with the glass fiber spatula and then brushed it with polyester resin

then small aluminum strips were cut and folded.
Now I've stuck everything with epoxy glue on IO-Shield and set a few decals.

and painted.

Hahahah :banana: like it
especially since the motherboard remains fully functional, back is open and all ports are fully accessible on the board

So let's see how far I am next time! :cool:
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