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Author Topic: Battery drainage issue face after buying a laptop in1-2 months  (Read 131 times)

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ankushbansal65Topic starter

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 I have msi gv 62 8 re gaming laptop whare i face h battery drainage issue  without usage in shutdown condition it drains 55-60% battery in 15 days   this problem occurs after 2 moths of the date of buying  after that i will connect the Indian helpline of msi but no one solve this problem its says give us proof i will give it but no reply of mail is come  when every laptop is test  before packing how this problem came. And this is the team of msi customer service which give no reply and asking customer the proof if you not make  good service why you sell yours product.   Kindly tell m what can i do with my laptop and  whare i can get solutions 


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No idea, sorry. My GT73VR tends to drain about 2% per day which is normal I think - my older GT70 drains much less.


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Like zipper, it seems normal for me altought I've never let my GL72 shutdown for 15 days, maximum 10 days.
It loses 2-3% per day usually and the drain may not be linear what could explain your 60% after 15 days.
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