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Author Topic: RGB LED Header Information  (Read 26220 times)

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RGB LED Header Information
« on: 28-November-17, 05:08:50 »

MSI Pin Layout

NOTE : Addressable RGB LED's allow LED's to be controlled either in pairs or individually, while non-addressable RGB LED's (JRGB1/JRGB2 headers) require all LED's to be the same color.

On those board, once you install Mystic Light 2, it will have two bubble referring to JCORSAIR-LED STRIPE & JCORSAIR-FAN.
The supported device would be CORSAIR LIGHTING NODE RPO & CORSAIR HD120 RGB FAN.

This is how you connect the device.
The LED stripe should be good to go but fan is a little bit trickier. You MUST connect the RGB fan through a HUB and follow the order of the slot on HUB . Ex. From slot 1 to 6 instead of starting from slot 3 first.

Once it’s been connected properly, you don’t need corsair software to control the LED.
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