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Author Topic: XTU changed my Bios  (Read 1682 times)

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denyslosyevTopic starter

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XTU changed my Bios
« on: 10-November-17, 20:01:52 »

hi everyone. i don´t know anyting about overclocking but i tried to do it by myself. i readed that XTU could overclock my cpu so i downloaded it. and my cpu started to throttle. i didn't know that my cpu had intel speedstep and that all. but my problem was when i tried something. the last version on XTU changed my TURBO BOOST SHORT POWER MAX to 200w as default. i didn't know that but it was throttling very bad my cpu at the point of 1.1 ghz and lower. so i tried to rise it to 250w. bad idea it was rising my power consumption and cuting the AC power. then i put it down to some default settings that i found. now. can someone tell me how to get my original stock clocks or overclock it a bit


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Re: XTU changed my Bios
« Reply #1 on: 13-November-17, 01:33:11 »


I suggest you could choose Dragon Center or Dragon Gaming Center of MSI software to overclock your laptop since it could avoid unknown issues. Try to find which one fits your model.

Dragon Center: Please open Dragon Center and go to “System Tuner” > “Shift” > click on “Sport ”.

Dragon Gaming Center:Please open Dragon Gaming Center and go to “System Monitor” > “Shift Mode” > click on “Sport Mode” to raise the performance


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Re: XTU changed my Bios
« Reply #2 on: 21-November-17, 06:36:55 »

First I suggest you bring up the "active values". You can do this by clicking the little blue key in the right corner under help. Then you can see what is currently applied to your system - it can be different from the proposed values.  If it is still different from default ones, you can simply go to XTU - profiles - default - show values - then hit apply and reboot. That should do the trick.
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Re: XTU changed my Bios
« Reply #3 on: 18-April-19, 14:45:08 »

Hey everyone,

I've been having the same kind of issue with XTU.
When it works well it's quite easy, safe and even scriptable if you want to apply specific values for something at boot but sometimes your PC just crashes because you're tinkering too much or are pushing it too hard for a few percent more.

I have a Z87-G45 gaming motherboard with a Core i5 4690K running at 4.7GHz (watercooled) and leave everything in the BIOS at it's default value. There is also an OC Genie button in that that sets your default values a tad higher but still within safe borders. This OC Genie and XTU combination worked more or less fine but a few weeks ago I added another 8 GB of RAM and then things started to get really screwed up since the older 8 GB can run at 1600 MHZ @ 1.35 volts but it's timings are 8-8-8-24 and the new 8 GB can also run at that speed but @ 1.5 volts and has 9-9-9-24 as timings so those 2 together are a pain in the ass to get set up correctly but in the end it works at 1600 MHZ @ 1.5 volts and 9-9-9-24 timings, all set with XTU.

And I'm still one of those people that uses Windows 7 but the last 2 versions of XTU won't install, you get a hard crash when it installs it's own device drivers. Intel knows but does not care.
But all this crashing somehow leaves XTU confused about it's default values, it even has different speeds for each core! And since you can't replace or change the default values you're screwed...:lol_anim:


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Re: XTU changed my Bios
« Reply #4 on: 11-May-19, 07:41:52 »

use throttlestop. its way more stable and more features
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