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Author Topic: Troubleshooting problems with Laptop  (Read 1096 times)

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Troubleshooting problems with Laptop
« on: 29-January-18, 09:29:31 »

So, my work purchased me a  WS63 7RK laptop as a replacement for my Dell workstation.
This MSI is decent, but, seriously lacking in the quality and support department. (THAT should get some notice!!!!).

I'm trying to get some support for this.......device. Namely, my built in camera and microphone no longer function, along with a few programs I used in the past seem to no longer work, which at some point did. I do not know if this is a Windows 10 issue or an issue with the laptop itself, or a combination of both.

The programs seem to revolve around a video issue, maybe an updated driver or something, one minute they worked, now they no longer do. These are no big issue, just an annoyance that I've overcome by simply using another laptop that has no issues whatsoever with running them. I am not seeking support for those, just find it aggravating I now need two computers to do the same job I was able to do a few years ago....
The Camera and Microphone issue, this is a bigger problem because these are used daily for communication over skype. For now, I'm using an older USB headset to get the job done.
But I'm trying to determine WHY the camera and microphone no longer function. What steps I need to take. I tried doing a typical search for these problems, looked over and tried common suggestions for with no success. this with Driver issue? defective hardware? Windows 10? MSI issue? Should I just send it to a repair shop?
Seriously, I am NOT a person that needs to spend my time trying to figure out why things quit working on equipment less than 6 months old.....


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Re: Troubleshooting problems with Laptop
« Reply #1 on: 23-May-18, 17:48:17 »

Old post but hope this info is useful. We found that the MSI "check for updates" application, which runs silently in the background, hangs - it quickly consumes memory and hence your apps fail. Find it in Task Manager and stop the process. Find the exe in Program Files and delete it.
-Motherboard MSI 975X Platinum PUE
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