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Author Topic: P67A-GD55 BIOS Chip  (Read 571 times)

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leocbarretoTopic starter

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P67A-GD55 BIOS Chip
« on: 03-March-18, 14:02:22 »

Hello MSI HQ folks!

I had a P67A-GD55 running for year, which served me very well.
Now while trying to sell my PC, the seller insisted that i updated the BIOS. IN WINDOWS! I should have known better, i know....
Guess what? In a hurry I did brick the MOBO.
Now it just Bootloops and wont do nothing else then that.

While searching for a repair method I decided for the less time consuming one; to buy a 12 Euros chip and replace it myself.
I do have experience and equipment in soldering SMD, just need some technical questions to be answered. Hope someone can assist me here:

1. Got an i5 2500k; Is the latest BIOS (4.3) seamless compatible with the Sandy Bridge or just with Ivy?
2. Can you confirm that the chip in questions is the one on the attachment?

Thank you very much in advance for the answers!


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Re: P67A-GD55 BIOS Chip
« Reply #1 on: 03-March-18, 19:07:05 »

Yes 4.3 is compatible with both Ivy & Sandy just that overclocking is severely restricted with Sandy CPU with the newer BIOS. Yes that chip in pic is BIOS.
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leocbarretoTopic starter

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Re: P67A-GD55 BIOS Chip
« Reply #2 on: 04-March-18, 08:31:07 »

Thank you for the reply.
Ill be looking into repairing the board!
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