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Author Topic: MSI Z370 PC PRO Audio/Mouse stutter/crackling/static electricity  (Read 89 times)

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Excuse me for the bad english, i don't make much difference between stutter and crackling, but the sound is like electricity in the audio stream.
I bought the following PC parts, all of them 100% brand new, unpacked, boxes carefully delivered by courier no physical damages.
I have carefully checked all the PC components before buying so that all they are compatible with eachother.

Motherboard: MSI Z370 PC PRO
CPU: i7 8700k
PSU: Fortron HYPER S 700 700W ( )
Case: NZXT S340
Cooler: EVGA CLC 280 water cooling
RAM: Kingston Technology HyperX Predator 2x8GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM XMP
USB mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite
Carefully installed following all the manuals and using my experience with PC setup since 1998.
BIOS settings adventures I have tried:
I have tried more than 200 different configurations in BIOS setup, default config was the most tested option.
I have tried overclocking the CPU( can get it to 5ghz with low temperatures), the RAM ( Can get it to 2993 at most, 3200 never ever boots..). PCH Voltage 1.1 when overclocking gets best audio but still the stutters never disappears.
I have tried disabling HPET in BIOS and Windows, it does not help with audio/mouse stutter.
I have confirmed that Audio stutter persist no matter if any USB device are attached.
Audio/mouse suttering is absolutely OS independent, it happens in Windows 10 64bit and in Linux 64bit (other OSes also).

I'm convinced it is electricity problem, I have tried to play with CPU throthling e.g. 3700mhz at ratiox37, Speedstep off,turbo off,vcore 1.0-1.3, x44,x50, PCH voltage 1.0-1.25)

One thing that I am concerned about and it is a complicated topic that I don't understand much is the PSU:
in the documentation it says INPUT VOLTAGE ranges from 200-240V(I seen this after noticing the audio problem..), I have unstable electricity (Airconditioner makes strange sounds, electricity stops everyday, all of my AC-DC adapters e.g. phone chargers, laptop chargers are making high pitched noise(capacitors are squealling).
Having that electricity in mind None of my MacBook Pro's have audio problems, I'm used to high quality audio and I notice the audio crackling... which my family had hard time to hear until I raised the volume to maximum.
I see that Fortron has another serie of PSU's that in the manual states 110-240V which might be more suitable for my situation because sometimes I have catch the electricity to drop to 160V. As far as I understand AC-DC adapters, they either work or don't in worst case like all my adapters, they deliver the desired voltage but the capacitors are squealling due to the low input AC 160V sometimes and they get permamently damaged and need to be replaced much sooner than expected.  I dont believe that PSU receiving less input Voltage would deliver less DC voltage, I have measured the USB ports on the motherboard they are 5V by standard.
If the PSU is the problem, could you explain me theoretically why it happens ?
When I attach to the PCI-E  GPU:
Saphire nitro+ RX 580 8GB Special edition(requires double power), it runs very okay and I have nice FPS in games like I reach 144fps in ultra settings, indeed maybe doesn't feel the smoothest like something is wrong or maybe the audio is misleading me on that smoothnest.. with the video card attached and ingame the audio crackling is very often.

Interesting thing to note is when I input external sound card by USB I get the same audio crackling, it is an external bluetooth speaker Creative Soundblaster AX200. Compared to this speaker connected to the Macbook Pro's it works flawlessly.

Please help i am desperate.


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« Reply #1 on: 14-March-18, 00:34:22 »

I've never heard of that power supply. Or the company that makes it. And I can't find any reviews of them. 
That makes me very suspect that it's a 'quality' supply in any way......

I'd probably suggest a new supply. Stick to something from the lists below in either Tier 1 or Tier 2.

As a side note, I never use on-board sound. While it's there and nice, it's usually second rate to solutions that focus strictly on sound. I never have crackling on my speakers because I'm careful for what I use. 

livecost918Topic starter

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« Reply #2 on: 14-March-18, 03:35:29 »

Btw the PSU brand is called FSP you can see it in the domain of the link fsp europe,it is world known trade mark that I never had problems with and apparently the 2 lists you send me contain PSU's called FSP that you are suggesting, just this model is super new and is not analyzed.
Even if I buy an USB external sound card it will not help me, the issue persists on all USB ports also Mouse is stuttering.

Do you still think it's the PSU ?

I believe the PSU is top quality, all the cables are grouped in very nice net, it is super quiet, doesn't overheat even if the GPU is run at maximum speed. FSP Fortron is something I buy the last 15 years and never disappointed me.

Short quote from tier one:

Tier One
The highest quality and most stable Power Supply Units available. Protected by industrial grade protection circuitry and can output wattage at a rated maximum temperature of 50°C or below. These units are also Haswell certified, meaning they can cope with the C6 and C7 sleep states of 0.05Amps without triggering the under-current protection switch. May even go over labelled wattage and still work until it safely shuts down.

Antec High Current Pro Platinum Delta Electronics

Be Quiet 
Dark Power Pro P10 / 850w FSP (550w - 750w) / Seasonic (850w - 1200w)
Dark Power Pro P11 850w FSP

[font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]FSP[/font][/color][/b][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif] [/font][/color]
[font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]Aurum PT[/font][/font][/size][/color][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif] [/font][/color][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]FSP[/font][/color][/b]
[font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]Hydro G[/font][/font][/color][/b][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif] [/font][/color][font=Verdana, Tahoma, "Nimbus Sans L", arial, sans-serif]FSP[/font][/color][/b]


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« Reply #3 on: 14-March-18, 03:55:17 »

Here's the thing.

That supply isn't listed, at all.

Look through both lists. Yes, it lists some FSP supplies, but none of them are the Hyper S supplies.
That means 1 of 2 things.....
1. It's very old (and should probably be replaced then)
2. It's such a poor supply that they didn't bother testing it. 

Granted, FSP is listed a number of times, but they have supplies ranging from Tier 1's, all the way down to the bottom Tier's....

That being said, consider this. If your USB is so noisy that your mouse has jitter, where do you think it's getting power from? 

You've got 2 potential bad parts.
1. Power supply
2. Motherboard

I would replace or RMA one of them. Replace the power supply, or consider RMA'ing the motherboard.
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