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Author Topic: MSI AEGIS GTX 1080 upgrade  (Read 426 times)

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MSI AEGIS GTX 1080 upgrade
« on: 12-June-18, 00:46:32 »

helllo. im using the first generation MSI AEGIS that has 350Wpsu and a GTX 1070 armor oc. since im planning to upgrade to gtx1080 armor OC. will the 350Wpsu can handle it?

any recommendation regards to GPU?



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Re: MSI AEGIS GTX 1080 upgrade
« Reply #1 on: 12-June-18, 14:26:45 »


350W is insufficient for GTX1080. I hardly believe MSI sells GTX1070 with such low powered PSU.
You can ask MSI for help with finding compatible PSU that's at least 600W: >>How to contact MSI.<<
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Re: MSI AEGIS GTX 1080 upgrade
« Reply #2 on: 12-June-18, 20:02:57 »

MSI has 10 models for Aegis and all are different.

For this question, please provide some information as below to us for this system you used:
1. Serial number on the back cover and on the box.
It is SOP how to check it as below link:
2. The number:9S6-xxxx-xxx that you can find it on the box.
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