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Author Topic: MSI Force GC30 problem  (Read 1563 times)

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zahireddTopic starter

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MSI Force GC30 problem
« on: 06-October-18, 03:44:53 »

What happened - 1. no output from analog stick to move down. but some weird movement show that input triggered when idle which cause #2 issue.
                              2. controller not enter sleep mode after idle >5 minutes as mentioned in the manual
These 2 problem happened at a same time..and i think it is related.

Raise web ticket in MSI website and describe the problem - they ask me to counter check..bla bla bla...but problem did not solved. ask me to go back to reseller (my controller just 1 month old-warranty period is 6 months)

after counter check here and there..try one or two action..the problem still there...the last action i did that able to solve the problem is connect GC30 to PC via cable charger instead of dongle...the #1 issue no more... and then disconnect cable and connect back via wireless. and let it idle >5 minutes to check sleep issue and as expected it back to normal.

I'm dunno what when wrong..but i hope it is not a mechanical problem with my 1 month old controller.


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Re: MSI Force GC30 problem
« Reply #1 on: 18-October-18, 00:21:23 »

hi ur best bet is just to take ur controller back to your reseller and ask them for a change OR send a web ticket asking for a repair ticket so an MSI agent will come to ur house and pick it up for a replacement. MSI's customer service is very nice and friendly!!
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