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Author Topic: Msi Ge62 2QE Apache pro Fps Problem  (Read 178 times)

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Msi Ge62 2QE Apache pro Fps Problem
« on: 09-August-18, 12:58:11 »

Hello guys Hello forum i want to ask guys for your help or any suggestion i just recently bought a Msi GE62 2QE Apache Pro and like every msi owner i want to play games but when ever i want to enter a game such as : Cs go / League of legends / pupg / fortnite / Gmod 

So when i enter the game i get like 30 / 45 fps even in very low qualitty  and my pc overheat a lot like now i am in confort mode and cpu is 89 C and gpu is in 80 C so i start getting annoyed by this even that i have a good configuration So please Guys i really do need your help


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Re: Msi Ge62 2QE Apache pro Fps Problem
« Reply #1 on: 10-August-18, 03:45:23 »


you sure you are working on dGPU mode? only thing that cames to my mind is that you are playing with the intel GPU instead of Nvidia...
In my GP73 I have a led to indicate whether I am on intel or Nvidia, maybe you can check too.

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